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Fri Mar 16, 2018
Montreal, Canada
New developments in CWP in Canada

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For all students and practitioners of homeopathy, when a teacher as calm, focused, gentle, highly accomplished and sharp as Dr. Dinesh Chauhan comes along to teach, learning becomes a joyful experience. In Dr. Chauhan's seminar we can expect to understand the technique of scientifically intuitive, patient-centric case-witnessing process in which the patient has complete freedom to explore his own inner landscape. In three distinct steps of this beautiful process of unfolding, we can discover a true simillimum as well as a suitable potency in the most logical and scientific manner and understand our patients in true totality.

Decided to use Dr Dinesh method with a new client after the seminar for the first time. I have used sensation but badly before I think. The beauty of passive case witnessing is that you don't have to do anything at all!... It goes to the core of your own confidence to do this... Most of the work had been done and I could soon go home and make myself a Berocca. Happy days. .... It is really quite fascinating what happens when you just sit there with an interested look and don't ask any questions. Four questions in one hour, and virtually not a single word. Just affirmatory noises. It was fascinating...It is just a beautiful little case came out of this process. It is so complete, so whole, just so positive: )

Participant from Australia seminar

I was happy also to see the depth from which your homeopathic wisdom has emerged from it is truly holistic and feels very right within me and inspires me to dig deeper within myself... I have always enjoyed my learning experiences with u but I received much more this time. So much gratitude to you for your contributions to the scientific healing art homeopathy.

Fiona Provan, Australia

François Depoorter (France) "there is a real change into my understanding of sensation, and into my practice. Sitting near a master is really the best experience I have done. Many, many thanks”  


Dr. Rehanni Khaseipoul ( Vancouver, Canada): "I have been using Dinesh's method since I returned and it has been giving me great results!"

“For me Dinesh takes homeopathy to the level of spirit and presence -
inspiring me to be all the more in the moment in my case "witnessing". 
There are no co-inky-dinkies”

Martina Beilharz (Australia): Dinesh facilitates the pattern of the disturbed vital force to become more and more clear, palpable, and obvious; prescribing becomes easier and more correct. 

Dinesh provided sound knowledge with a strong grounding, but managed to be very entertaining as well. (2012, Melbourne, Australia)

Barbara Lowry (USA): "my goal is to become VERY, VERY good at the science and art of homeopathy, which is what your approach and teaching embody. Your humor and inclusive personality are appreciated not only by me!” 

Mani Norland-Principal, The School of Homeopathy, UK "Students always come away feeling inspired and full of new energy for their practice. Dinesh is a delight!"

Petter Viksveen "I have participated at homeopathy seminars and conferences with more than 50 different teachers over the past 25-30 years. The seminar on homeopathic treatment of children with Dinesh Chauhan was one of the very best ones."

Korean Seminar: Your systematic approach was very impressive. The case witnessing process made me realise that I can also walk on the path of homoeopathy with ease.

» Book Reviews

Doug Brown: Every homeopath who aspires to apply the insights of the Sensation Method to children should read and study this book. It will delight you!... 

Kaare Troelsen: Dr Chauhans Case-Witnessing Process is a simple, ingenious, incredible flexible, powerful as well as subtle method.

Kaare Troelsen: With this tool the patient will himself lead you to his center and reveal the remedy needed.

Kaare Troelsen: Moreover, by connecting to his center the awareness created will start a healing process even before the homeopathic remedy is given.

Kaare Troelsen: This CWP method has the potential to create a “like- cures-like” state in the patient by letting him become aware of his inner state and express it in words.

Deborah Collins: The indisputable value of the book is in providing clear entrances into the inner life of our young patients, allowing the remedy to speak for itself.

Deborah Collins: The clear step by step approach of the method allows a great depth of inquiry into children’s cases and the possibility of finding unfamiliar remedies.

Ulrike Schroede:Dinesh´s art of case witnessing is like an Organon for the sensation method."

Masahiro Nagamatsu: "Dr.Dinesh Chauhan is a complete breath of fresh air in homeopathy. This book is full of joy and open secrets of the case witnessing. It is a new must for homeopath."



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Video course

The video-course comprising 2days, 4days, 6days, 8days and 10days are recommended for beginners & students. Cases and theory presentation are selected from the courses conducted in the different part of the world.

Beginning of each part of the video course contains in-depth study of the Homoeopathic philosophy followed by presentation of cases. Each case comes up with complete step by step explanation of each part of case witnessing process with passive, active and active-active techniques, understanding of vital sensation, altered energy pattern, miasms, kingdoms, sub-kingdoms and source language. Active interactive discussions with the participants give deeper insights upon the subtle processing and working of case at various levels. It is followed by power point presentations of the case describing its evaluation, remedy selection and comparison with other similar looking remedies.

This is followed by stepwise explanation of follow-ups of the patient along with follow-up criteria and scientific understanding of remedy repetition. Cases from plant, Mineral, Animal and other kingdom are shown along with understanding of families, Rows / Series and different subgroups like mammals, reptiles, birds respectively.

Dr. Dinesh Chauhan's Online Video Course


Integrative Management for Deep pathology, Cancer & Psychiatric cases with CWP

Topics covered for Deep pathologies, Cancer cases:

  • A holistic integrative approach of case witnessing process: A Further journey to tackle difficult chronic cases
  • Differentiating between Proliferative and Degenerative diseases and their holistic approach in deep pathological cases
  • Comparing and finding a holistic link among various methods directed to tackle cases of deep reversible/ irreversible pathologies (cancers). (Such as: Sarkar method, Banerjee method, Ramakrishnan method, Peter Chapel method etc.)
  • Understanding "Two States" and "Present Predominant state" concepts in understanding Cancer cases that help to get successful results in such demanding cases. (A FRESH CONCEPT based upon scientific laws)
  • Knowing WHY, HOW about the concept of TWO SIMILIMUM for cancer cases (Again a FRESH concept based on scientific holistic laws)
  • Posology: NEW APPROACH of prescribing in cancer cases.
  • Clear & Scientific understanding of when to use high, low, LM potencies in such cases.
  • Understand Follow up criteria in cancer cases.

Topics covered for Psychiatric cases:

  • Treating Psychiatric cases at holistic level with the Integrative Case Witnessing Process (getting Physical, Mental and Holistic symptoms in psychiatric cases.
  • Differentiating between pathological delusions and holistic state delusion to unfold the REAL STATE and arrive at the RIGHT HOLISTIC SIMILIMUM.
  • How to Create patient centric environment during Case witnessing to take psychiatric cases towards their ESSENCE/CORE/VITAL SENSATION/UNIQUE STATE.
  • COUNSELLING in psychiatric cases: A Stirring topic: know WHY, HOW, AT WHAT STAGE of treatment and it's significance.
  • INTERNAL WITNESSING : a boon to crack such cases with an assured ease.




Enjoy free videos from Dr. Dinesh Chauhan's online course:



Basic online video course brings forth the opportunity for you to LEARN THE BASIC and VITAL FEATURES of the case witnessing process:

  • View the recordings at your own desk from your home, office or cafe
  • Watch and learn from Dr. Chauhan's Video cases and power point presentations
  • Opportunity to ask your questions and share your views


  1. Advance online course brings forth the opportunity to LEARN THE travel from SYMPTOMS to SENSATION to SOURCE in Children patients through CHILD CENTRIC CASE WITNESSING PROCESS:
  • Case witnessing process in children [both for the one who communicates (verbal) and the one who have still not learned speaking (Nonverbal)]
  • Reaching the inner pattern of child through Art, Drawings, Fear pattern,  and Dreams
  • Mother's history during pregnancy [Challenges the old concept while offering NEW and effective perspective] and its practical application to explore deepest core in children patients
  • Exploration of Clinically challenging children Cases such as  Autism, ADHD, CP etc., with Case witnessing process to offer  effective recovery for them
  • Handling Acutes in children cases and Potency selection



Enjoy free videos from Dr. Dinesh Chauhan's online course:

WHAT IS TRUE CLASSICAL HOMEOPATHY. Learn more at our online course.

CONCEPT OF MIASM. Learn more at our online course.

THE IMPORTANCE OF THE LEVEL OF EXPERIENCE. Learn more at our online course.