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Fri Mar 16, 2018
Montreal, Canada
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For all students and practitioners of homeopathy, when a teacher as calm, focused, gentle, highly accomplished and sharp as Dr. Dinesh Chauhan comes along to teach, learning becomes a joyful experience. In Dr. Chauhan's seminar we can expect to understand the technique of scientifically intuitive, patient-centric case-witnessing process in which the patient has complete freedom to explore his own inner landscape. In three distinct steps of this beautiful process of unfolding, we can discover a true simillimum as well as a suitable potency in the most logical and scientific manner and understand our patients in true totality.

Decided to use Dr Dinesh method with a new client after the seminar for the first time. I have used sensation but badly before I think. The beauty of passive case witnessing is that you don't have to do anything at all!... It goes to the core of your own confidence to do this... Most of the work had been done and I could soon go home and make myself a Berocca. Happy days. .... It is really quite fascinating what happens when you just sit there with an interested look and don't ask any questions. Four questions in one hour, and virtually not a single word. Just affirmatory noises. It was fascinating...It is just a beautiful little case came out of this process. It is so complete, so whole, just so positive: )

Participant from Australia seminar

I was happy also to see the depth from which your homeopathic wisdom has emerged from it is truly holistic and feels very right within me and inspires me to dig deeper within myself... I have always enjoyed my learning experiences with u but I received much more this time. So much gratitude to you for your contributions to the scientific healing art homeopathy.

Fiona Provan, Australia

François Depoorter (France) "there is a real change into my understanding of sensation, and into my practice. Sitting near a master is really the best experience I have done. Many, many thanks”  


Dr. Rehanni Khaseipoul ( Vancouver, Canada): "I have been using Dinesh's method since I returned and it has been giving me great results!"

“For me Dinesh takes homeopathy to the level of spirit and presence -
inspiring me to be all the more in the moment in my case "witnessing". 
There are no co-inky-dinkies”

Martina Beilharz (Australia): Dinesh facilitates the pattern of the disturbed vital force to become more and more clear, palpable, and obvious; prescribing becomes easier and more correct. 

Dinesh provided sound knowledge with a strong grounding, but managed to be very entertaining as well. (2012, Melbourne, Australia)

Barbara Lowry (USA): "my goal is to become VERY, VERY good at the science and art of homeopathy, which is what your approach and teaching embody. Your humor and inclusive personality are appreciated not only by me!” 

Mani Norland-Principal, The School of Homeopathy, UK "Students always come away feeling inspired and full of new energy for their practice. Dinesh is a delight!"

Petter Viksveen "I have participated at homeopathy seminars and conferences with more than 50 different teachers over the past 25-30 years. The seminar on homeopathic treatment of children with Dinesh Chauhan was one of the very best ones."

Korean Seminar: Your systematic approach was very impressive. The case witnessing process made me realise that I can also walk on the path of homoeopathy with ease.

» Book Reviews

Doug Brown: Every homeopath who aspires to apply the insights of the Sensation Method to children should read and study this book. It will delight you!... 

Kaare Troelsen: Dr Chauhans Case-Witnessing Process is a simple, ingenious, incredible flexible, powerful as well as subtle method.

Kaare Troelsen: With this tool the patient will himself lead you to his center and reveal the remedy needed.

Kaare Troelsen: Moreover, by connecting to his center the awareness created will start a healing process even before the homeopathic remedy is given.

Kaare Troelsen: This CWP method has the potential to create a “like- cures-like” state in the patient by letting him become aware of his inner state and express it in words.

Deborah Collins: The indisputable value of the book is in providing clear entrances into the inner life of our young patients, allowing the remedy to speak for itself.

Deborah Collins: The clear step by step approach of the method allows a great depth of inquiry into children’s cases and the possibility of finding unfamiliar remedies.

Ulrike Schroede:Dinesh´s art of case witnessing is like an Organon for the sensation method."

Masahiro Nagamatsu: "Dr.Dinesh Chauhan is a complete breath of fresh air in homeopathy. This book is full of joy and open secrets of the case witnessing. It is a new must for homeopath."



Testimonials on Clinical Course


March 2016 (NEW)


“Dear Urvi First thank you very  much for your kindly welcome! I am very happy about the Dinesh IMG-20160318-WA0026
course in his clinic. It's very interesting learning with him how to go ahead with a case witnessing and to find out the patient’s centre. He gave us so much time and attention to discuss with us about what he thinks and how he proceeds in the case taking. we could ask him everything to understand properly. I learnt a lot and I am now more confident in my practice.” Dr C.Dusart (Paris)



January 2016 (NEW)


It exactly hit me where it needed to be...it definitely has given me the confidence that I can actually, I can really do this.  IMG-20160122-WA0044


I wanted to learn places where there are pitfalls I faced. Though in case we see delusional things it doesn’t go anywhere when we want to reach sensation. Here I Knew when to listen and when to push & How the pushing can be therapeutic. When we can be silent and when to ask. Learn more of this with practice. Want to have mastery of this craft. Yes it definitely has given me the confidence that I can actually, I can really do this. 


Also coming here was not just about sensation method always felt it is right classical approach. Its never been an argument in my head that its not a classical approach- you(Dinesh) still see rubrics, you still practice unprejudiced and you still give single dose.  So its like using all tools in box from rubrics till source level. For me that method of finding the focus is really important. It’s a really good success of prescribing. Like the way it is called scientifically intuitive and the way you all come up with the same answer.  It exactly hit me where it needed to be. So thanks all of you. "this course is amazingly good value for money. I really, really appreciate that.  ANDREAS GORING (Devon)


It (Sensation method) looked very nice but I didn’t knew how to do that . In UK sensation was there but nobody knew how to use that you have made it much more able for people to understand. You have taught something that was very very needed....it is much easier method... IMG-20160122-WA0042


When to stop and when to think in case where it is going further in passive and active active- has made it more clearer other wise the sensation method was just… In sensation method I couldn’t understand “why the questions when going into sensation?”.  You made a very different methodology to begin with but one can understand and follow that. It is made much easier that passive is very important. Do not judge the patient, slowly become active. That you made very clear and that is where you enter and not before that. That has helped me tremendously rather than entering after one sensation . It (Sensation method) looked very nice but I didn’t knew how to do that . In UK sensation was there but nobody knew how to use that you have made it much more able for people to understand. Even though your methodology is different you are looking for the sensation and kingdoms but the method to reach there you have made it much, much, million times able to get it. You have taught something that was very very needed. From bottom of my heart I am saying that it is much easier method.” NEELAM VIRGI (London)


“I came to study you that what are you going to ask and when and why. And also to find out when do you leave passive and steps of going on with guided passive, active and active- active.  It has helped me very much. I think I have learnt a lot this time.  I have also grown since the last time I IMG-20160122-WA0040 was here.  This time I knew much more what this is about.  I have enjoyed it so very much. I think the process was same when I attended before and now but I am not the same. The way you do it is very good with the live cases and follow ups, discussion of cases I think it is really, really good. Dr Dinesh’s teaching and way he answers all our questions, we really feel we have been heard and given very very nice answers and we now understand.  And I talk about it everywhere and say how marvellous this is.” BIRGIT BERCH (Denmark)


January 2015 

 "It was not a course, but a life transforming experience" Bruno Lima Grossi (Brazil) IMG-20150123-WA0018

"the journey was really satisfying and deep much beyond what I came looking for..."Fernando Pitanga (Brazil)

"I came with an openness, and it was all worth it.  what french did to KISS - is what India has done to homeopathy.  Leaving my heart in India..." Salma Kabil (Egypt)


December 2014

Everybody really took an effort to make the course a good experience for us! The welcoming atmosphere in the clinic, the evening out at Rahi's school, the lunch together, the special gifts on the last day, the shopping advice ;) it all blends together in a colorful picture for me. I learned a lot on the theory-teaching ...! It helped me a great deal to get some structure into the understanding of the minerals. I am happy that I took the course and spent these 2 weeks in Mumbai. Gudrun Simon (Hamburg)

"In the past weeks my case taking has become much more structured and at the same time I can give the passive a lot more space. And I am looking forward to my case takings again and mostly I can see the journey that the patients go through. So I am more satisfied with my witnessing compared to the time before. Well, I want to thank you again for the warmly welcome in your clinic from the whole team and the familial way we were integrated in the daily schedule. It was a big experience for me to join in the usual business day and not play the role of a tourist in a foreign country." Dr. med. Corinna Bendig (Hamburg)

"I'm very grateful to You all, Dinesh, Urvi and the pretty lady doctors!
My intention to participate in the course was to improve my case taking. I reached my goal and much more, also my Materia Medica knowledge got improved, the management of the potencies and, why not, about life...and enjoying your good humor! Fernando Pitanga (Brazil)


December 2013 


“This course helped me to integrate deeper the experience, and there is a real change into my CC 2013 1understanding of sensation, and into my practice. It's amazing how myself, and so many homeopaths, confuse always the delusion and the sensation; how subtle the difference can be, and how your tool, your systematic and scientific approach is helping. Much, much more than in a seminar, sitting near a master is really the best experience I have done. Many, many thanks”  François Depoorter (France)


“The first change i have observed after the clinical course is that i have progressed on holistically seeing and observing even small children who do not yet speak or speak little. I never thought about that consciously but some gestures i just did not notice before have CC 2013 13gained access to my mind and understanding. That makes me more relaxed still to gather any hints for the remedy… let’s see how it will go. anyway i am still very happy and full of this experience you made us live so deeply and still want to thank you again.” Birthe Repenning ( France)







December 2012 


DSC_6085 “I can’t tell how much I enjoyed being with you all in the clinic, everybody so open and willing to share everything they know. I had studied case witnessing before I came but to see it in practice was wonderful and I learnt a lot of things about what to do and what not to do when you are with your patient. Dinesh is a wonderful teacher always ready to answer our questions. I feel quite confident to try it now and I don’t think I will ever go back to “Case taking”. Birgit Bech (Denmark)

"I attended the Clinical Course in Case Witnessing from Dec. 3-15, 2012, at Dr. Chauhan's clinic in DSC_6071 Mumbai India.  What an experience!  It was amazing to see Dr. Dinesh Chauhan and his team of Homeopathic doctors, take cases as per the Case Witnessing method.  Prior to attending this course, I had found case-taking challenging in that many well known Homeopaths teach various methods of case-taking which are often based on personal experience and are not always reproducible by others.  This leads to confusion regarding remedy selection.  However, I found Dinesh's method to be very clear and understandable. Finding the remedy using this method is reliable, as well as reproducible.  This course has made my case taking ability much better and enjoyable!  I now look forward to allowing the patient to guide me to their remedy, and understand the importance of being an unprejudiced observer who is actively present during the consultation.

Dinesh and his team are so passionate about Homeopathy and were so happy to share their knowledge of Homeopathy with us, it was a wonderful environment to be a part of.  After each case, Dinesh would sit with us and discuss the case over a cup of chai (Indian tea).  His laughter is infectious and his style of teaching is exceptional.  He was never in a rush with us and took the time to be sure that we understood each case and how the remedy was selected.  All of us on the course felt as if we were part of the Swasthya Homeopathic Clinic family.  We also got to experience wonderful Indian cuisine with Dinesh and his team.  I would highly recommend this course to anyone who is serious about becoming a better Homeopath. You will not regret it!  I have been using Dinesh's method since I returned and it has been giving me great results!" Dr. Rehanni Khaseipoul ( Vancouver, Canada)

“We learn a lot of homoeopathy, about the materia medica and repertory but the method of getting into the remedy has been very elusive and its not often that well taught so a chance to learn Case Witnessing has been absolutely fundamental for me as a homoepath. … the execution of the course, DSC_6137 the timing is been good and the swasthya team and Dr Dinesh’s willingness and ability to individualize the course with small group was very important. I have read the book before I came and yes you know you can see the value in it but actually being here, learning how to do it and I would say we did learn through watching, an experiential learning. We were able to see the consistency, the reproducibility of this method and the truth of this method. I can definitely feel that confidence that I can go out and apply my learning here. And not only apply it but adapt it to my own practice.

I came with some little hope that it wouldn’t be waste of money but really really it surpassed my expectations totally.

I say Dinesh is a natural teacher and each one of you brought something very very special so that was very good. It was very well organized." Natalya Dinat (Johannesburg, South Africa)


December 2011

"I so much liked the time in your clinic. I learned a lot, it was dynamic and high level of discussion .The small class is much better, because we have more opportunity to feeling and understanding the take the case. The live cases are a good way to learn; and the support gave from your team, made the learned more dynamic.”…Dr. Marcia cristina marins martins (Brazil)

“It was truly a meaningful and enjoyable experience to attend your course”  Michiyo Kishi (Japan)


" ‘Dare to be wise’ this sentence really applies to you Dinesh!!!. It was a great pleasure to be in your Clinical course 2011. Even your teaching is human centric, individualistic, holistic. Thank you for giving us the detailed insight into your every day challenges and beautiful successes. Every single question of ours has been answered by you with a real interest in our learning and a good sense of humor and a lot of patience. We wish you and all the sincerely true homoeopaths in the world that your approach may be spread and become a tool that makes our work more deep and satisfying. Learning from you is a real fun.

Urvi-thank you for organizing this course with so much love and care. We enjoyed being in the place with such beautiful atmosphere and experiencing your sparkling energy.”  2011 batch of the Clinical Course

(Dr. Ursula (Hamburg), Dr. Ulrike (Hamburg), Ms. Michiyo (Japan), Dr. Marcia (Brazil)

From 5th to 18th December we attended a two weeks clinical course in Swasthya clinic in Mumbai.  We were two German homeopathic doctors, one pediatrician of Brasil and one lesser experienced homeopath from Japan, all women.The clinic has 8 doctors (Dr. Dinesh, Dr. Urvi, and 6 assistant doctors – always 2 to 3 of them present ) and a receptionist in small, but very nicely designed rooms.Before the course started we were all welcomed very warmly with tea, bisquits and flowers . The time table and all the local facilities were explained to us.For those two weeks, instead of the normal clinic schedule, there were only English speaking patients.  The number of patients was limited by half, so that there was plenty of time for discussion and questioning after each case. Every morning  - except of Sunday - there was a new case history or a reassessment of a known patient (with unsatisfactory follow up). Always one of the participants was allowed to sit next to Dinesh in the consultation room, the other three were sitting next door where the patients video was transmitted. Also one of the assistant doctors was present for technical or language support. After the case taking – which was exactly done in the way of Dinesh´s  books and teaching  – there was plenty of time for each of us to tell about their reception of the case. Every statement, every question was discussed in detail with that much of patience Dinesh is known for. In about 9 of 10 cases we all came to the same remedy.  

In the early morning  - before starting a new case – one of the assistants gave us the case reports for the afternoon follow-ups. Even these reports were very well structured and the focus of the patient as well as the choice of remedy was obvious. After a lunch break the afternoon session started with blocks of 2 to 3 follow-ups. After each block there was about half an hour for explaining and answering questions about the cases.  All kinds of questions were discussed: about the given remedy, about the potency and repetition, about the direction and speed of healing, about allopathic interventions and co-medications, about how to talk to the patient – no question remained unreplied.On Sundays the morning session started with typical Indian food. After that Dinesh  showed a video case.  The advantage of a video case is that you can slow down the pace of reception and stop for every upcoming question. One  Sunday Dinesh gave us a whole lecture of the Lanthanides, which we really enjoyed.On the last day we got an outlook about an upcoming method of handling acute cases with so called “internal witnessing”.

In the end  of  these two weeks I can say: this has been the most effective learning I ever experienced. Seeing the daily work of  such an ingenious but humble homeopath,  being assisted by friendly and patient junior doctors, being able to ask every upcoming question, discussing it in detail  and also being introduced in the Indian culture was really unique. 

After attending this course Dinesh Chauhan´s technique of case witnessing is even more convincing. I will recommend this for every sincere homeopath, because it is the way to really work  according to the aphorisms of the Organon.

Thank you Dinesh, Urvi and all the others that made our stay in Mumbai so  rich, constructive and pleasant!

Ulrike Schroeder (Hamburg)


January 2010

About Dr.Dinesh, Swasthya Clinic, Assistant doctors at Swasthya:
What can I say about Dr. Dinesh, I felt that he is really a teacher. Everything in the Clinic is made for teaching. I have not being in my years of practice in a place where everything is designed for teaching. As I told him I consider him a master of silence. One of the more important things in my experience with Dr. Dinesh is that I have to learn to wait and the power of the pause to go inside the patient.

When I arrived to the clinic I saw that there was no physical examination. I wondered why it was like this. After few days I understood that in medicine what is important is the pathology, the illness. In homeopathy as long as I have known what was important is the individual. But in this method you go further being more important the source. So you go beyond the individual, because it is only the way the source expresses. As I told you I had read some books about the sensation method and the Seminar of Goa. But going and meeting Dr. Dinesh gave me the great of opportunity of experiencing the method. In what is important that is the patient. I feel that before the course I was only in the Introduction of ”my book" about the sensation method. With the practice in the clinic I have the conclusion of "my book". Now what I am feeling that I have to do is to work to write my way to the conclusion. I know it is not easy for me after practicing with a traditional method to change from one day to another. I have to find my own path across this exciting experience that is homeopathy. But what I know now is where I have to go. It is a beautiful and exciting experience for me to see this point where I have to go. In this journey I am very grateful to Dr. Dinesh who showed me through his practice his own experience. Surely I would like to meet him in my journey many times to have a look where he is in his own journey sharing his experience with others as a great teacher as he is.

About the method used in the clinic I hav e only admiration for Dr. Dinesh not only for his experience in case taking but most of all for the analysis of the case. When we were in the TV room after a case taking we were discussing about the case. When we were called into the office it was wonderful for me. The way he takes the case and discusses each part of the case to make it clear for us was really amazing for me. Everything gets into place as a puzzle. It was just wonderful. The time that Dr. Dinesh takes for explaining the case, was surely my best times in Mumbai. Seeing how the puzzle gets into place.

Understanding English was not very difficult for me when I was in Dr.Dinesh’s office. In the TV room it was not so clear. In this I have to thank Priyanka who used a method of writing in front of me so that I could understand what the patient was saying...I have to thank also Bhavana, Devhuti and Kadambari, because their collaboration was very important to understand the follow -ups. If they didn´t explained the case we couldn´t have understood the follow ups. Also they were very kind to me in everything I needed in the Clinic. It is really a hard work that everybody does in the clinic for teaching. I really admire this spirit of sharing your experience in the method supported in a very hard and daily work.

I want to thank you Dr. Urvi first of all for guiding me to Mumbai. Through your patience always writing me back the e-mails. Explaining me whatever question I had about my trip to Mumbai. Although I only met you once in the Clinic I felt that you have done a lot of work so that I could feel comfortable in Mumbai. Thank you for arranging everything so that my trip to India and the Clinical course were very successful for me and my wife. I feel that you are the person behind that gives the strength to this Clinical Course. Thank you very much for giving us the opportunity of sharing all the knowledge of you and your group.


Dr. Dairo Melo



Dr. Dinesh and his wife Dr. Urvi run a successful practice in the Vile Parle and Borivili suburbs of Bombay. They also conduct workshops and seminars all over the world on the practical application of Sankaran’s Vital Sensation methodology of case taking. Both Dinesh and Urvi have been closely associated with Dr. Rajan Sankaran, initially as students and later as collaborators and partners. They have transcribed his lectures and seminars into some of his books. Dinesh is an erudite teacher, he has an excellent command over the English language, a great sense of humour and his delivery is always interspersed with witty anecdotes from Sufi and Buddhist wisdom. So even after a long case-taking discussion you are quite fresh and alert. Urvi had made excellent arrangements for the training and things worked out with clockwork precision. The young team of homeopaths who help at the clinic provide a wonderful backup to the participants with information on methodology and related information.

Dr. Dinesh’s clinic has been custom-built for teaching. One intern (participant of the clinical course) and one of the doctor’s assistants observe the case with Dr. Dinesh. The other interns can observe the case in real-time in the adjoining audio-visual room on a TV screen.

So what did I learn at the clinic? First, I learnt that the essence of case taking lies in passivity - long pauses, giving enough time to the patient to open up, explore his/her own mind and helping discover the focus. Second, PCWP (Passive Case witnessing Process) helps us find the focus, thus we can connect the different areas, regions and time frames to find the deeper underlying sensation that leads us to the Kingdom and the Miasm. The chief complaint is only an exteriorization of the inner self. Third, the ACWP (Active Case witnessing Process) needs considerable skill as we have to try and discover how the patient sees his state in non-specific, non-human terms. Metaphors, adjectives, gestures need to be closely watched as the same reveal the deeper vital sensation. These expressions need to be probed further at the sub-conscious level. For example if the patient talks about “betrayal”, it is of no use to ask why he felt betrayed. Such a question would only lead to a conscious and logical answer. Whereas, asking what it feels like when one is betrayed will reveal the sensation we are looking for. .... Very often I saw the remedy come alive in the patient. I shall be presenting such cases as part of my coursework for the Clinical Internship. These cases will reveal one of the most striking features of this method – we can be led to many new and rare remedies.

Will I use this method? I certainly will.


Mr. Ashok RajGuru (Muscat, Oman)



Testimonials before January 2010


I have just returned from India where I attended a 10 day seminar by Rajan Sankaran and Jayesh Shah in Goa. Following the seminar I spent 7 days observing in the clinic of Dr Dinesh Chauhan.

I must comment that the seminar was very inspirational but the clinical observation experience was the highlight of my trip. It was incredible to sit in with an experienced homoeopath who could explain step by step the elements of case taking and approach to a patient.

In particular Dr Chauhan is an excellent teacher. He encourages questioning and free thought. His interests in various fields like philosophy and physics permeates his teachings which help to create a deeper understanding of homoeopathy in a broad context. The focus of his teaching is on understanding the centre of the patient, and then applying homeopathic philosophy and method to find the similimum. He is well aware of the pit falls of the homeopathic process and methodically teaches techniques to avoid them. He focused on my areas of difficulty and interest and as a result I feel that I have gained a deeper understanding of miasmatic theory and being the unprejudiced observer. More importantly through this process I have seen how they are applicable in a practical way.

Dr Chauhan made every effort to me feel comfortable and went to great lengths to organize English speaking patients for the time that I was observing in his clinic. When this was not possible one of his assistants would sit next to me and exhaustively write down every word the patient was saying in English so I was able to read and observe at the same time. The environment was set up in such a way that I was able to take full advantage of the learning opportunity. Once a week Dr Chauhan would show video cases that were previously recorded with follow ups and sit and explain step by step each aspect of the case.

Dr Chauhan is a dedicated healer and teacher. On one particular Sunday which happened to be an Indian, festival he traveled all the way from his home to teach only me. He spent the day with me watching video cases and answering my questions when he could have been with his family.
Though he is a well accomplished homoeopath he is approachable, non judgmental and able to meet you at your level of understanding, which makes the learning experience effortless and fun, he also has a great sense of humour.

Fotini Babaletakis
Cape-town, South Africa

Sitting in on Dinesh's clinic was a reminder of the vastness and magic of homeopathy. His sincere curiosity and willingness to play is so refreshing, not just among homeopaths, but among people in general. Let me tell you, it's contagious! As a student of Dinesh's, I was very encouraged to explore, to respect my own learning process, to take chances, to be patient and do whatever it takes to get to that vital sensation in a person. It was not always comfortable, but it was an adventure and certainly intensified the learning experience! Observing him receiving a case is much like sitting on the edge of your seat watching a suspenseful movie. You will be very present. Dinesh and Urvi both live, breathe, and love homeopathy. They are magically lovely hosts.

There was not a moment of downtime in his office, either. "Ask me a question! You are here to learn so let's waste no time." Dinesh's clinic was truly the most potent and memorable part of my study in India.

[in brief--Dinesh's clinic is a reminder of the vastness of homeopathy. His sincere curiosity and willingness to do whatever it takes to get to that vital sensation is contagious. I was encouraged to explore, to respect my own learning process and to ask any question that should arise in me. Working with him was truly the most potent and memorable part of my study in India. You will be very present.]

Erika Simonian (New York)

Your seminar in Bombay this year was some of the most valuable teaching I have ever experienced. Everyone was so generous with their knowledge and so expert in their lectures.

Karen Lawson (New York)

It has always been my cherished dream to come over to Mumbai and sit in for some clinical experience and theory. I was a bit disappointed when I realised that I would have to be watching videos instead of attending live clinics on alternate dates, moreover, there was a confusion as to who would be providing the Dvd for it. I think another major set back was that the course promised far more than what was actually delivered, in theory, I wished we had more time to cover basics such as the Periodic table, Kingdoms and Miasms.

Having said this, I must say, that the clinics were just great! Dr. Dinesh is an excellent and enthusiastic teacher with alot of patience and dedication. He and his team members really went out of their way in making us feel welcome and comfortable. They were fun, enthusiastic and very efficient. Looking at the whole picture, I would say, Dr. Dinesh is doing a great deal of good to wards the community that it's really not worth complainting. I do wish them all good sucess and a bright and dazzling future!

Kannika Neelala


I would like to express my thanks to you all, and especially Dr Dinesh, for organising the clinical experience for me. I had wanted to witness Homeopathy in India, to see the types of patients who came to the clinic and to observe the type of practice carried out. I feel that I achieved this and my knowledge of Homeopathy should benefit as a result. I also enjoyed the experience of attending two different clinics and seeing contrasting methods of case-history taking from Dr Dinesh and Dr Rashmi.

I am particularly grateful to Dr Jui and Dr Kunjal for their ever-willingness to translate and provide information on customs and culture. I would like to extend my best wishes to them in their own practices although it will be a loss to you, I'm sure, when they leave.

With regard to the clinical training course, I would mention a few points. I think you mentioned that you were intending to move to a new clinic with more space and I would suggest that this would be necessary if you intended to expand the numbers attending. I felt at times that I was in the way if privacy was requested by the patient and the inner clinic room was full to capacity. The accommodation was very comfortable and the Karimi host family were lovely. It would be very helpful to future students to have a small information pack including a map of the locality, suitable restaurants and nearest phone, post-office, inter-net etc.

The case-taking experience and shared information was of great quality and I have much to digest following the fortnight's course. I certainly felt that all the patients were benefiting from the treatment which was lovely to see, particularly with regard to those who were less well-off.

I wish you and Dr Dinesh all the best in your education plans and of course in your family plans also.

Anne (Ireland)


First of all I would like to thank you all for such a powerful experience, the feelings after my visit in your clinic were very strong, and in a way I felt they gave me allot of strength and ability to see things in a very open minded way.

The strongest thing that I felt was case taking…it made an enormous difference. I am trying to listen to people in a better way and to make the experience of our meeting and opening of the soul to the main issue…second thing was children cases which encouraged me to approach children in the experience way, using colors and dreams, and giving them the place they need…I felt all along in Bombay that you all gave me so much, listening to our requests, adjusting yourself according to our needs and I thank you very much for that.

Yael Galor (Israel)


I would like to thank you again for the wonderful time at your clinic. I feel that I have returned home with simple and very useful tools which improved my case taking and deepened my understanding of the patient, an holistic understanding…

The way that dinesh (urvi sorry i didn't get the chance to meet you as a person as well as a homeopath) explains is simple and understandable, the combination of philosophy, live cases, video cases and questions (and "more questions" ) is a winning combination and contains everything a beginner homeopath needs. I learned a lot, I was inspired and I enjoyed it at the same time.

Shelley (Israel)


It was a privilege to be able to sit with you and experience your unique way of case taking. Your enormous knowledge, your empathy and respect in dealing with the patient, your clarity, patience, kindness, humor and humbleness make you one of the best teachers I have ever experienced. Only now I realize how much you taught me. I thank you for being so approachable, open for any discussion and query - you always gave space and time to clarify all our individual uncertainties. I felt it was so much more efficient and productive to work in a small group, not one moment seemed to be wasted. The fact that I did not always agree with you 100% showed me that your teaching was successful - it showed me that I had grasped the concept in such a short time and was already starting to adapt it for my own needs. I am very excited that after such a long search for a practical and systematic tool regarding case taking, understanding the patient on a deeper level and finding a matching remedy, I have finally found what I was looking for,....and much more. The steps in the case taking process are so clear to me now. With this method I always know where I am at and how to get back on track once I loose myself in the process..... and what I like the most: It is all about the patient - no "psychological or philosophical dissection" - nothing added or lost - no room for subjective interpretations. That's how it should be!! A special thank you also to Urvi and everyone in the practice who made our visit so special and unique. Thank you to all of you - hope we meet again soon.


Thank you all again for all the kindness, generosity, warmth and caring expressed in so many ways. Experiencing the Indian culture, the food, the way of life in Mumbai, and meeting all of you and getting to know you as people, was a very special experience. One needs to spend a lot longer in a place before making judgements, but this was all the time we had at this point in time. To be able to spend that amount of time in the clinic and experience first-hand the utilisation of the “sensation” method of case-taking and prescribing, as well as your teachings, Dinesh, was so valuable. Had I been less sleep-deprived, especially towards the end of our stay, I guess I would have benefited even more, but even so, it was wonderful, and with more practice and extra reading to consolidate what you taught, feel that it should be possible to incorporate it into my practice. Your patience and encouragement also meant a great deal to me – very many thanks.

Jennifer Hepburn

1. Organisation:
With regards to this, a very big thank you to you, Urvi. As you probably know Dinesh, I sent Urvi many e-mails with questions, plans, alterations etc and she was always so prompt, efficient, kind and patient with all our queries and needs. I sincerely appreciated this and found that by the time we came, we were very well informed and confident with all our arrangements. Also the hand-outs with info on local restaurants etc which you gave us when we arrived, were a big help.

2. Accommodation:
We were all very happy with the ISKCON Hare Krishna Guesthouse in Juhu Beach and would certainly recommend that as a possibility for any future overseas seminar participants whom you might have.

3. The actual clinical seminar:
When I first saw a DVD of the sensation method I was blown away and had a very strong gut reaction – I immediately saw the potential and knew that I wanted to learn it. This feeling stayed with me through all the cases which I saw, both in the DVD series as well as the actual seminars to which I went. I did try to use the method and had 1 or 2 successes, but a lot of the time I would reach a point in a case where I felt that I had hit a brick wall and was unable to progress. This was most frustrating.

Your seminar in Durban, last November, Dinesh showed me how you had taken the method and distilled it into an effective, teachable, user-friendly and reproducible form. And that was why I chose to come to you specifically for the clinical seminar. Also your book, which I have read and re-read a number of times, put the whole process into a scientific context which made total sense homoeopathically. And it is immensely practical.

The time spent with you in your practice, Dinesh has confirmed this sense of possibility for me and totally changed my frustrated feelings. The combination of your lectures with the possibility to sit in with you in your consulting room and /or watch via video is excellent. The fact that you stopped us watching the last 5 minutes of the interview and then let us analyze the case according to the principles which you had taught us is a very effective teaching tool. Firstly it gave us a chance to put into practice the principles which you’d taught us. Secondly, going through the case with you afterwards allowed us to immediately recognize our errors in thinking and - most of all – the feeling of achievement / “success” when we came to a similar or close or even the same remedy as you was very encouraging.

In short, the time spent with you was for me very empowering. I left with the feeling “I can do this” – and this was the most valuable aspect for me.

Dinesh, you are a born teacher and I do feel that you have a winning formula – the combination of the teaching and the practical clinical experience - and particularly your method which is certainly reproducible. I also would like to thank you for your openness in terms of letting us ask questions and taking such painstaking care in answering them.

Since being home, I have re-taken a couple of cases in this way and feel far more confident of my prescriptions. Obviously only time will tell if this is actually the case. I’m well aware that I’ll make mistakes and have frustrations and questions along the way, but feel I have a very solid foundation from which to proceed.

At the moment I truly do not have any suggestions to make on how you can improve things or on changes that might need to be made. For me the whole experience entirely satisfied my need and for that I am deeply grateful.

May I here also mention and thank your assistants for the role which they played in making us feel welcome and at home. I particularly appreciated the time and effort that Priyanka put into writing up the “Understanding of the Case” for the cases which I’d missed, so that I could clearly follow your thinking even though I hadn’t been there! And that during the time when she was off ill!

Sigrid Keller (Westville- SA)

Testimonial after practical application of the course by the participants:

I have re-taken a number of my old cases and am so enjoying the process. I find that I am quite comfortable with the CWP itself. In most cases i seem able to find the focus and then take it further in the Active and Active/Active phases. The nicest thing about this method is that it's so much fun! And exciting because it does help to bring out the individual person's experience so much more clearly.

I have had a couple of really rewarding results - eg one patient needed Octopus and has done really well on it. ………..

So, all in all I feel that i am starting to put into practice what we learnt and observed with you and it is starting to show results which is great!

Sigrid Keller(Westville- SA)