Bring home some Meethe (sweet) Pauses and Namkeen (Savory) Reflections this Diwali

Poetic whispers  poetic whispers cover page

This book is a collection of poetries written by Dr. Urvi Chauhan and the fifth baby of the duo Drs Dinesh and Urvi chauhan published by their publishing home Philosia publications.


Glimpse of Inner pages:


A yellow leaf of autumn,
enjoying its fall, freely and fine,
looking at me as I looked at it
and asked me, “O dear soul,
will your fate be separate from mine?”
Blinking my eyes, I looked behind,
pretending it wasn’t meant...continue reading 

Know the author: Co-Founder and consultant of Swasthya Homoeopathic Healing, along with her husband Dr. Dinesh Chauhan and founder of Swasthya Udaan - a sister branch of Swasthya, She is a practicing Homoeopath, whole plant food consultant, a Yoga Consultant, Publisher, Editor, Book-artist, Creative head of Swasthya, and  which is based in Mumbai, India. On 24th Nov 2014, she was honoured with the prestigious "Indira  Gandhi Shiromani Award" at New Delhi ...continue reading


Glimpse from the Book Launch:  book launch

It was on 9th Sept that the book found and gathered courage to present it self and invite some celebration for itself being born in an actual physical form in precious company of 125 homeopathic doctors from across India for theri ABJF workshop ... 

This book is a collection of poetries written by Dr. Urvi Chauhan. The poetic words are expressions of her experiences with the life in its varied mood (longing, love, challenging moment, nature, silence, shiva, embrace, meditation) and her learning from them. The weave of flowing words finds shades of her paintings.

The words and the spaces come with a promise to offer one and all with the necessary pauses and reflections as one continues trading their own path on the spaces inner as well as outer...

This Diwali,GET GAMED

TO Gift  yourself and your loved ones

some  Meethe (sweet) Pauses and Namkeen (Savoury) Reflections 


as you light Diya in your home, let this book facilitate lighting diya in the other homes

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