A child centric diary for our children patients is now available online

diary1 Swasthya Child Centric diary aims to understand, relate and have a healthy relation with your child assisting to build a supportive environment for the child to flourish best to their given potential.

Children patients are special and need a special flexible enjoyable process of travel with them in order to completely and clearly understand their inner issues. In our experience, first homeopathic case interview with many of them (not all though) often is just an initiation of unearthing their deeper issues – the root cause behind their physical/mental signs and symptoms and the process continues even after the child leaves the consulting chamber. It becomes thus very essential to help this process reveal itself through thoughtfully taken measures post the interview and Swasthya Child Centric diary is one such attempt by us.

• Swasthya Child Centric diary is designed specifically keeping in mind how a child thinks, and their ways of interest.
• Through this diary, we guide the child to express freely and openly in a trustworthy non-judgmental space
• The children are guided to write about their complaints, fears, dreams, interests, stories they enjoy, issues they face in school, with their peers, parents etc etc...
• This facilitates the entire process of unearthing their deeper pattern a joyful and uninhibited ride for the child
• This facilitates their inner disturbing pattern coming to forefront for us (their homeopathic physician) and also for the child and often their (aware )parents.
• This facilitates deeper holistic healing for a child and helps parents understand their children better.
• This further assists us to design and guide our children patients and their parents individualistically and uniquely.
The good news is this diary is now available ONLINE for our techno savvy generation ;)

Have a glimpse of the Child Centric Diary!
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