A case Squamous cell carcinoma....By Dr. Dinesh Chauhan

Patient Mr.H.S, aged 54 years came with squamous cell carcinoma ( skin cancer). 

He had taken modern medicines, steroids and was not responding at all.He was personality A- types - constantly with high stress levels, too much of business stress, had high inflated ego, and had even insulted many doctors. Emotionally he had become highly irritable because of the suffering.

With Case witnessing interview a holistic homeopathic remedy was prescribed matching his unique personality.  skin cancer by Dr Dinesh

After three months changes started happening. In a span of nine months the bleeding patch completely disappeared with some pigmentation left. The swelling also diminished gradually. Biopsy of the skin was negative for cancer cells.

He became calm overall and his irritability due to illness reduced.

His way of insulting people ...Read more