Dr. Urvi received prestigious "Indira Gandhi Shiromani Award" by cabinet ministries

IMG-20141124-WA0018 On November 24th, 2014, Dr. Urvi received the prestigious "Indira Gandhi Shiromani Award" at New delhi by cabinet ministries. The award function was organised by IIFS (India International Friendship Society) http://www.iifsind.org/

“You all have worked hard, and given your best with all your sincerity to your respective fields and through that to the fellow men. You all are the opinion builders; and today we have gathered to acknowledge your services and hard work…” this is how Major Vedprakash (National Chairman of AICC's Ex- servicemen Department) addressed to the gathered audience of 100 plus that also include around 40 awardees who were invited to receive the prestigious “Indira Gandhi Shiromani award”  on 24th Nov 2014, at India International center New delhi.

This award is given to a few for their individual meritorious services and achievements; who have specialized in certain field like science and technologies, education, Industry, fine arts, politics and social work , in lieu of the yeoman services rendered with excellence in their respective fields.  

It was truly a grounding moment for me to receive the award from Shree Shekhar Dutta (former Governor of Chhattisgarh), Shree Bhishmapratap singh (cabinet minister) and Shree Virendra Kataria (Ex-Governor Puducherry)  among other awardees gathered from various states and cities of India on 24th Nov 2014. Feeling honored. And there is an awareness that responsibility has doubled…Dr. Urvi Chauhan



And while i digest the moments of award celebration, i equally celebrate the launch of our New book: 
From Treating to transforming, Choose Homeopathy: a designer's approach for your child.
Book for parent's interest

This book is about how homeopathy transforms life - besides taking care of disease pattern- specifically for paediatric cases. A lot of vital questions a parent carry, and their answers that they are curious to know while they opt for homeopathy, are being explained in a dialogue form between a real life child - patient, his mother and Dr. Chauhan; these dialogue language ensures the contents of the book to get simple to follow and easy to absorb. The concepts of child-centric case-witnessing-process (a uniquely designed case taking interview by Dr. Dinesh) and the INNER SECREAT diary (fresh concepts by Drs. Chauhan) will come as unique gifts for each visiting child as well as parent.

What you can expect out of this book: 
• How you as a parent can identify the dust deposits covering your diamond (child) and participate in the polishing process initiated by your homeopath 
• How to help your child in the homeopathic treatment process
• How this participation can help you regain a beautiful sharing of space with your children, which will bring a joyous and fulfilling parenting experience to you 
• How this homeopathic process affects the blossoming the deeper potentials of your child.

treating-front2   treating-back2   

This book is intended to cater to both, Patients (parents specially) as well as homeopaths; it carries rich food for thoughts for the homeopaths, both for themself as well as to pass on to their patients.

How it caters to Homeopaths:

This book is about how homeopathy transforms life - besides taking care of disease pattern- specifically for paediatric cases. Few important questions parent carry while they opt for homeopathy and the scientific answer we can provide as homeopath to help them choose best gift of holistic homeopathy for their kid is what you can expect out of this book. The concept of child-centric case-witnessing-process and the concept of INNER SECRET diary, which can come as a unique gifts for a child, parent, as well as homeopaths  are being explained in a language that is simple to follow and easy to absorb. 

"I truly enjoyed putting together this combined piece of work and passion of us,  more so designing it myself. The cover page came up very well- projecting the essence of the book aesthetically." Dr. Urvi Chauhan

More about what this book carry can be known through these sample chapters:



treating-front2 IMG-20141124-WA0018 Price: USD 10.00 
Authors: Dr. Dinesh Chauhan & Dr. Urvi Chauhan (Co-author)
Published by: Philosia Publication (Dr.Urvi Chauhan) 
Dimension (In Inches): 8.50" by 5.50"(Approx) 
Pages: 88 Softbound, Section Stitched

Price for SWASTHYA patients: 100 INR
Price for Indians: 150 INR


Pictures from the Book Launch

"We hope our combined effort in creating this piece of work achieves its goal of bringing about a transformation in the lives of many."  Drs. Dinesh and Urvi Chauhan