General Guidelines of Swasthya Clinic

New cases will be seen only by appointments for quality service and to reduce waiting time for patients.

For rendering better service and convenience of doctor, assistant doctors will be present. If there is any inconvenience with their presence please inform doctor in advance.

Complete CONFIDENTIALITY of patient will be maintained.

For quality service and better results every case will be either audio or video-recorded. This will also enable us to assess progress of patient in subsequent visits. In case of insufficient results the recordings are used for reassessment and discussions with internationally acclaimed doctors for further evaluation.

Due to some unavoidable circumstances, if you cannot visit us personally, we can courier the medicines. You can let us know your detail follow-up through phone/E-mail. Medicine sent by courier will be charged an extra amount for the courier services.

Senior citizen will be charged only 50% of the consultation fees.

We also provide the Homoeopathic Medicine Kit for Children’s common illnesses and traveler’s kit. This can be helpful in case of acute conditions.

Educative CDs of all the articles of Dr. Chauhan are also available.

Patient awareness workshops will be held every 4-6 months. This will help you understand the science better and all your doubts and queries can be attended to.

You are welcomed to join our address book/guest book so that we can update you with our new health related articles as well as our latest activities. Please leave your e-mail address for the same.

You can write and give all your queries to us. Your suggestions will be most welcomed.