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A girl who loved black colour


a case By Dr. Urvi Chauhan

Published in Interhomeopathy June 2014 

Children, if allowed, express their unique energy pattern completely raw, pure, and uninhibited  face-moluscum-before 200x150 6fcec6f17f5fdbd276bb67de7abc5a76and a homeopathic physician may get overwhelmed observing the entire pattern unfolding in front of him. Though

it is important for a homeopath to be vigilant, sensitive, observant and skillful to capture the raw energy pattern of a child that unfolds itself in his consulting room, it is vitally important for a homeopath to provide a pregnant space to each of his case (including children) that can help their patient to out pour their sub conscious and beyond with spontaneity. 

And this pregnant space is what Dinesh names Passive phase of case witnessing.  I call this space to be pregnant because it has so much to offer! For the patient, allowing this space causes smooth, spontaneous, uninhibited out pour of his inner self; and for a homeopath, this space initiates clarity and enables a homeopath to know:

$1™What stage of the case he is in,

$1™How much journey is still left to reach the vital core of his patient,

$1™How to travel that journey,

$1™How much time it may take more to get there (vital core)

$1™What types of defenses patient is throwing

$1™How intelligently to tackle the defenses thrown

The importance of passive case witnessing is it allows and offers a free space to the patient where they can find a connection with their deeper self, to come up with those PQRS which we can otherwise miss if we start intervening the patient initially with our pre-formed question list to make a reportorial-totality.

Allowing the pregnant space (the Passive phase of case witnessing) in the initial stage of cases means allowing a smooth journey when a homeopath intervenes actively, (what Dinesh calls Active and Active-Active phases of case witnessing) to follow the unique energy pattern of the case.

I would like to share a case from my clinic of a three and a half year old girl child; here allowing this Passive space helped me to get all her peculiar expressions-through her gestures, through her drawings; all her PQRS expressions then I actively intervened  to understand her deeper core and prescribe her an appropriate simillimum...

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