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We Spoke to Each Other Without Any Sound...


Case of a child suffering from thyroiditis by Dr. Dinesh Chauhan, published in All Things Healing






I came across a Serbian toddler

For the first time language was a barrier

One sharp glance from her and I realised

Conversing with her would be a tedious ride

Knowing a person requires going beyond the verbal

Sooner I realised and focused on the non-verbal

A new way of communicating I found

We spoke to each other without any sound

- Kadambari

3 years back I came across a child in Serbia. She was suffering from auto immune thyroiditis (TSH – 15). At that time I understood her completely through the case witnessing process. To brief you about the case witnessing process, it has three stages:

Passive case witnessing process: In the course of the passive process a spontaneous, natural flow is allowed. The history given is not interrupted and all that is out of place, out of order is made note of. The physician is just alertly dormant throughout. The verbal and / or nonverbal expressions which get repeated again and again in the passive flow forms the focus of the case. The focus is the entry point into the whole altered vital energy of the child.

Active case witnessing process: the flow is directed inwards, towards the whole alteration to get the whole vital disturbance.. The surety of the focus is established in this step. In cases when focus is not obtained in the passive process, the focus is first found and then confirmed in the active phase of the case witnessing.

Active-Active case witnessing process: Here we leave no stone unturned to get the whole vital disturbance from the focus we derived in previous two phases. Complete innermost verbal and non verbal expressions come to surface hand in hand with each other when the patient touches the inner most core in its totality. Here we get the whole altered diseased energy pattern along with the similimum.

The case follows:

(NOTE: The case has been edited for brevity. Peculiar sentences are highlighted in italics or bold. My explanations are in plain brackets ( ). D, P stands for Doctor and Patient respectively. Follow up has been summarized.)


D: Tell Me about you? Just feel free and share whatever you want to?

P: (PAUSE for fifteen minutes, patient was just looking at my translator and other objects in the room)


(PAUSE for Fifteen minutes, patient was sitting with very rigid straight posture with folded arms. And eyes were fixed on one object).

I get nervous very quickly.

(Again a long pause.).

(So I tried asking her all the possible questions that we usually follow in the Passive phase such as fears, dreams, interests and hobbies, her likes, dislikes, etc., etc. to start the flow but she was not talking. one peculiar thing she was doing is whenever I asked her a question, her finger movement depicted as if she wants to write. I felt that she understood my questions but she in unable to converse in English.The way she was looking at my translator, it just appeared to me that she doesn't want to talk in front of her and I decided to send my translator outside. Now two people who did not know each other's verbal language were sitting in front of each other. This time I decided to conduct the case witnessing process in a different manner.)

D: Will you write down the answers to the questions I ask you?

P: (Nodded her head, yes)

D: Write three things about your nature.

P: She wrote

D: Write three fears of yours which you never shared with anyone

P: She wrote and gesticulated that she knows only two

D: Write three dreams of yours

P: She wrote and again gesticulated that she recollected only 2

D: Write three negative behaviour of yours

P: Initially she nodded her head no, meaning she does not have any negative behaviour and finally wrote down.

D: Write down your interests and hobbies

P: She wrote

D: Draw whatever comes in your mind.

P: She drew

D: Write down what you want to become in future

P: She wrote


D: In all your answers encircle that thing which is most important to you

P: She did

(After that with the patient's permission I called her translator in, to understand what she had written. I have mentioned the picture of her answers along with the translation. The text in italics indicates that which she encircled. )

Area 1: 3 things about nature:

1.) I don't like when people look at me.

2) I don't like meeting new people.

3) I don't like talking about myself. I am stubborn.

Area 2: Fears:

1) I am scared of Insects, Spiders.

2) I am scared of Examination, giving answers in exam, speaking in front of new people.

Area 3: Dreams:

1) I am in a sweet shop and eating sweets, Jelly and drinking juices.

2) Some people were behind to kill me and I escape somehow... I hide myself in an apartment of a black woman. So I had to take the knife to kill one of them and the rest were frightened by this act. (The face of the black woman was encircled by her.) Only two dream.

Area 4: Negative behaviour:

I don't like advice from People... I always think that I am right. They tell me to listen but I always think that I am right. What I say is the final answer. (SHE MARKED ON I AM ALWAYS RIGHT)

Area 5: Interests and hobbies:

From Domestic animal I like DOG and in that I like GERMEN SHEFFRED ... from wild animals I like TIGER... from flying animal I like EAGAL... from water animals I like DOLPHINS... (Tiger and eagle. she marked as they are powerful and well known.)

No other interest and hobbies.

Area 6: Drawing

She made figure of star in form of human figure and circled FACE as most important part of the drawing.

Area 7: What you want to be in future:

1) Lawyer

2) Policeman

3) Soldier

(From above narration, Focus of the child immerged to be:

* Face (In area of dreams and drawing)

* Fixity: fix liking, what she want to be.

* Stubborn

* Exam nervousness

* Stage fright


D: What about the face you liked the most?

P: Like that black women, it speaks about her, you can never forget, same way face of the star man speaks about him, and you can never forget that. When your face is not clear or you don't know who you are or what you want to become, you become nervous and anxious. I am very sure, what I want to become and what I want to do .I also know you as homeopath will ask me these questions and my answers are fixed, they never change like my likings, what I want to be and what I want to do in life. Okay, can I go now?

(Here she connects everything.).

Remedy: SILICEA 1M / One DOSE


Materia Medica:


- Apprehension and ANTICIPATION.

- Stage fright for Silica it is a matter of communication, a fear of being unable to find exactly the right words: "Apt to use wrong words in speaking."

- Fear of undertaking new things.

- Delicate, refined, YIELDING.

- MILDNESS [yet inner resistance].

- Obstinate; fixed ideas.

- Obstinate stubborn, head-strong; children.Cries when kindly spoken to. Fixed idea

Summary of Follow ups: [AFTER 8 months of treatment]

* Thyroid Reports were normal (Earlier TSH was 15).

* She gave her follow-up on Skype without any problem talking to me and my translator.

* Her Nervousness reduced... exam fear, stubbornness, Fixity reduced.

* Now new people, new situation, talking in public doesn't affect her that much.

Language is often expressed in two forms, one through words (Verbal) and the other in the form of gestures, facial expressions, body language, eye movements etc., etc. (Non-Verbal). The verbal language often is masked by the conscious defences of the patient or even becomes a barrier at certain times. However the non-verbal language cannot be masked, it flows directly from the non-prepared, sub conscious and beyond the sub conscious realm of the human being. It never becomes a barrier in understanding the vital core in a case as it does not change with time or space rather it comes as a rescue in cases where verbal language becomes a barrier. The present case is one such example.