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Second Paediatric case of Dr. Dinesh in NJH

National Journal of Homeopathy publishes in its Feb 2012 journal- "Paediatrics-2" (Volume 14/No2) yet another child's case from Dr. Dinesh Chauhan's clinic.

"We Spoke to eachother without Sound":

A case of an eight year old girl who suffered from Auto immune thyroiditis was rather a tricky case Hashimoto-Thyroiditis as the language used by the girl was a forign language (serbian) and she refused to allow any serbian interpreter to be present in the consulting chamber.\

The case was followed with the help of case witnessing process-an individualised approach of case taking model designed by Dr. Dinesh Chauhan.

This case is an example of how the case witnessing process came to Dr. Dinesh's rescue to understand the case and find the simillimum for the child .

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