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Case of allergic tonsilitis in a child by Dr. Dinesh Chauhan


The case focuses upon:

1] The art of case witnessing in children cases to travel from their symptoms until their vital core

2] Importance of mother's pregnancy history that challanges the traditional beleif of giving same medicine to child as that of the mother and defines unique concept with the given case as a practical example to support the concept.


"It is a general belief that the mother’s state is superimposed on the child during pregnancy. Some believe that the mother’s inpiduality is implanted in the child, some believe that mother’s thoughts, feelings and sensations are transmuted into electrochemical impulses and are imprinted on the child. Based on these beliefs, the child receives the mother’s remedy till a certain age.

Homoeopathy is based on the concept of inpidualization and hence I thought on these beliefs again. The concept that the mother’s state is impressed upon the child did not gel with the concept of inpidualisation.  Even though the child is an outcome of the union of sperm and ovum, the child has his or her unique identity. ....

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