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Case of Autistic child by Dr. Dinesh Chauhan

AutisticChild Every child is a miracle, he is unique and since the beginning of the world there has not been and till the end of the world there will not be another child like him

- Pabelo Casals



While I was on the journey of understanding the case witnessing process in children, I actually could appreciate the innocence that is there in each and every child. The energy of a child is exceptionally pure and naïve. Perhaps, at times because of age of the child or due to certain ailments where the child cannot express his energy by himself, how can the individuality of the child be understood? Subsequently during the whole process of comprehending everything, I recognized the importance of the history of the mother during pregnancy. Here I am presenting with a case of a 2 year and 6 months old male child named Master K. S. diagnosed to have autism. He came to me in July 2008.


I begin with being passive and identify with the peculiarities in the child, his nature, his behaviour, his interests and hobbies and the observations of he parents about the same.


The case witnessing process has been divided into three parts:

Passive case witnessing process: In the course of the passive process a spontaneous, universal flow is allowed. The history given is not to be interrupted and all that is out of place, out of order is made note of. The physician is just dormant throughout.

Active case witnessing process: The transition phase before we become human centric in case witnessing process

Active-active case witnessing process: The flow now becomes human centric and gets personified to a particular individual. From here we get the whole altered diseased pattern along with the similimum.

The case witnessing journey commences:

(D: Doctor,

M: Mother,

F: Father,

K: that is name of patient.)


Passive case witnessing process:

D: So tell me more about him. Homeopathically we need to understand the child, his behavior, any peculiar observation about him?

M: He has a tendency to run around in circles. Whatever he does, he gets excited about something and then he doesn't know how to express his happiness so he will just open his mouth and make the sound "haah-haah", this is a very common expression. For example, he loves to play with vehicles a lot especially the wheels of the vehicles. Even if he sees wheels on the road he gets excited and does this H.G. (hand goes in a circle) it feels as if he wants to go and touch it. He goes round in circles when ever he wants to express his happiness. At that time he is not listening or understanding whatever I'm telling him. So if I have to communicate anything to him I have to put a stop. He has started taking instructions of gesture form. I have also been doing picture reading with him. Initially he was totally disinterested in it, he would just turn it around, but now there are 17-20 pictures which he has started naming. The peculiar thing about him is when he gets excited he doesn't know how to express. He wants to reach out to children but he doesn't know how to do it, he is very happy to see children.

F: He has a very typical tendency that he spends a lot of time in day being him self, like he loves to play with vehicles so he will lie down and will simply roll.

M: He loves nursery rhymes a lot and many words he has picked up. No matter how upset he is when we sing the nursery rhyme for him he gets excited and he participates. Also initially when Kabir was 1 ½ year old he started saying mummy papa which he had forgotten. It's coming back now, but consistency is not there. So I keep on reading all his vocabulary everyday now, so that he doesn't forget.

(In passive process, we just listen and make note of all the peculiar, out of place things. Motivate the parents to talk about the child or his expressions as he does it without any of their own analysis.)

F: Star is his favorite, he likes star a lot as it is a part of his nursery rhyme.

M: He had completely stopped doodling with colours; he used to do it beautifully. Kabir is not hyper active but he is lazy. He doesn't want to do things we have to force him. Initial forcing is there to develop his interest into something, and then once he gets interest he starts playing. So that way I have to show him variety.

(Child points towards the colour pencils kept on the table.)

(Mother talks to the child) wow! Colour. Which colour? Yellow

(The interest in doing things, the excitement and love to do things like watching vehicles on the road, happiness while with children, playing, liking for the star etc. and interest for such variety of things is coming up in the parents history about the child.)

M: Another thing about him, he loves water very much. If we take him to a beach it is impossible to get him out of water, like when we take him to the beach he will simply run to water, go some distance and sit, the waves will come, tumble him over but he is not scared. I have never seen him so happy. He gets extremely excited when he looks at the water and in excitement he makes a face and tries to show it with his hands also.

He loves his baby sister a lot. He actually started kissing her first, that's how he learnt to kiss. . Also he will on his own get up from the bed and hold her hands and toes and if she is crying he even sometimes tries to pacify her. One thing little amazing about Kabir is his memory. He remembers well. Once he goes to a place he becomes comfortable with the place.

F: When he goes to school, he is very happy, sits in a corner looks at other children, very excited about nursery rhymes

M: Even if he is in bedroom, I'm in living room and if his favorite advertisement is playing he will run out to watch it. He is not interested in cartoons. He loves to watch advertisements and music channels.

(Love for water, love for the baby sister, happiness while going to school, love to watch advertisements, music channels, excitement about nursery rhymes, all this is out of place. The parents are giving the history in terms of the experiences of the child himself. Hence this history can be taken with more gravity rather than where parents just talk about situations or incidences. In the later, there is a chance that the parent might be getting in touch of his feelings, perceptions, reactions rather than that of the child)

D: Any other peculiar thing about his behavior which differentiates him from other children, which is very peculiar to him?

M: Sometimes we feel he is not scared at all and sometimes we feel he is scared of things he understands. For example he puts his hand inside dog's mouth; he doesn't realize dog can bite him. At the same time he is very conscious that he will fall, he is very conscious that he will get hurt. One more thing is that he is not consistent in his behavior.

Sometimes he is in love with yellow color, sometimes red. He will pick up only one particular color. Initially it was only black, he likes stars and triangles. He takes and holds back his favorite colours and shapes.

D: You spoke about some interests and hobbies which he has. Tell more about them which are very peculiar to him.

F: Vehicles he likes to have, nursery rhymes, water. He loves fishes. We took him to the aquarium, there he loved looking at the fishes and then even in the mall there is a very big aquarium, he just loves to go and look at them. Initially I made him touch them but now again he doesn't want to touch them, he shirks to touch.

F: He doesn't like violence. I took him other day to park and we sat in striking cars he was too scared. He didn't like that concept to bang at each other. He was very nervous but when I was driving the car without banging he was very happy.

Even when there is a very violent advertisement, he gets very scared. When he sees it, he will come and hold me. Apart from that he is very comfortable he likes to see baby ads.

D: So when he is scared what else he does?

M: Initially when he was scared he would hide behind us but now he doesn't do anything like that. He will simply look away or walk away. Initially he was very scared of the pressure cooker noise, he would shirk away or he would start crying. But his scares have gone away now.

(Sensitivity and dislike to violence is out of place and peculiar. The reaction towards it is hiding away from it or walking away from it. We make note of all this as it is.)

This is the history given by the parents. Along with this the mother's history during pregnancy gives us an insight into the child's individualistic expression at a holistic level.


It is a myth that the child is affected by the mother during her pregnancy. Rather it is the energy of the child that expresses itself through the mother. All changes that the mother goes through physically, mentally, emotionally and also at level of energy and sensation, is nothing but an expression of the energy of the child. Thus now the mother's history during pregnancy is again witnessed in a passive fashion.


Mother's history during pregnancy

D: See in homeopathy, in order to understand the child, it is important for us to know the 'mother's history during pregnancy'. What changes did you observe in yourself during those 9 months physically, mentally, emotionally, dream-wise as we believe that all these things speaks about the child's energy which is expressed through the mother during those 9 months. Since he is not able to communicate the things right now, to understand him, we need to understand those changes which generally are not a part of you?

(The changes in the physical, emotional, mental and sub conscious areas of the mother depict the energy of the child that speaks through the mother.)

M: Doctor in 1st 2-3 months of my pregnancy I was working in Calcutta. I'm a Chartered Accountant by profession and my husband was posted at Bhubaneswar (A place in another state) at that point of time. So when I discovered that I was expecting, I just quit my job because I wanted to stay with him as it was my 1st child so I moved with him.

There loneliness was a big thing, I was very alone out there because it was only the 2 of us at that time we did not have much of family support. Financially also we were very unstable at that point of time, so 15 days a month I was completely alone all by myself

Apart from that I was little mentally disturbed from my in laws side also. Physically I didn't have any problem, it went on very smoothly, but in my 7th month the Ultrasonography read that Kabir's BPD (Bi-parietal diameter) was very high. That was the only thing that had come up through out the 9 months.

During pregnancy all 9 months I used to travel a lot. I have gone on boat ride and all I didn't have any problem.

D: Any other change in you as a person during that time?

M: I became calm; generally things did not upset me a lot even when I was, imagine 3-4 days I was staying all alone at a stretch in a house, all alone with nobody to talk to. But that also didn't bother me. I was so much at peace with myself. That was a big change because I'm a very impatient person and I get excited very easily. When he (child) was there, I was not scared of staying all alone in 2 BHK flat, just seeing the maid once a day. I used to go for long walk, I became calm which I was not earlier and we did not even have a television at home at that point of time, so no form of entertainment. The house was completely barren, I was very happy in myself, very content in myself, which is very abnormal for me. Very much interested in life, very much wanting to do things but that time was very calm period, I don't know why

(Here we see this feeling of alone; loneliness comes up again and again. However the change from her normal state was that she was calm in that whole period. This is important for us as this is not her normal self. That means that this is part of the child's energy. We make note of these feelings of calmness, peace, entertainment along with loneliness.)

In view of the above history of the child and the mother during pregnancy, we know that peace, calmness, content feeling, enthusiasm from small-small things is that peculiar part which comes up in every area. This out of place, put of order expression is the focus of the case. In the following journey, we confirm the focus and also get it through the whole altered, diseased pattern. In due time, the similimum will become more clear and substantial.


Active and active-active case witnessing process:

D: Can you describe that period of peace, calmness, content?

M: Peace, like I would get complete night sleep, not that I wake up and worry about things. Once I would go off to sleep I would get up straight in morning with good night rest, absolute dead sleep. I don't know how, generally I'm not a person who sleeps in afternoon.

D: Any dream which came up during those 9 months and you still remember?

M: No very dreamless sleep I would have no dreams at all.

D: Any change in your food cravings and aversions?

M: Cravings were there, I may just get dressed up and go out and eat.

D: The biggest change that you felt was that 'peace, contented and calmness'. So what was that feeling, can you describe it?

M: I get angry very fast means if I don't like something, which is not done according to me, I get upset or I feel that person is not using his senses to do a thing. I don't have the patience to explain it to him. But imagining myself to, if someone tells me to stay in a house which does not have any mode of entertainment, nothing what so ever and stay there locked for 24 hrs without getting disturbed, I think any sane person would become insane. But even though I was alone, I never felt the pang of loneliness, that was little amazing for me.

D: Just go ahead and talk about it more?

M: Like doctor even if I'm alone I would stand in the balcony or would try to read a book or I would just sit or talk on phone with my friends or look out of the window. I was very happy with that. When he was not there I would wake up early and go down for a walk in my society.

D: So what was that feeling of contended, calm, no loneliness especially in surroundings where you said you were with four walls and nothing, still those feeling you know?

M: It was like my maid would come at 9, so that ½ hr I would do chit chat with her, made tea for her and that gave me a reason to make tea for myself and be happy about it. I used to not cook for myself alone, so I would go out and eat but that also did not affect me that I'm alone nobody is there with me.

People used to ask me like my parents used to call up, in laws used to call up and ask me, how you can stay alone for so long period. But I never felt that. I was very much happy, made very good friends with my neighbors.

M: I like doing it, little change of light, change of weather would motivate me to go out and look at things there was only big bazaar, so I used to just take a stroll in big bazaar and walk down all the way to my place. Its around 2kms, gradually slowly I would just walk back home, feel happy about it. These things kept me very on, I felt very motivated for these things.

D: Very contented you said you used to enjoy making tea for yourself and for your

M: And for my maid, yes I used to chat very much with my maid and I made very good friends with my neighbors even today I'm in touch with them

M: You know doctor that concern for you wife when she is expecting, asking me have you had your medicines, did you eat your food, it has never happened , he never asked me that did you have your lunch today, what did you have, what did you do when I was away entire day

(The loneliness and the enthusiasm from small, small things are now connected. This is the whole pattern and not 2 separate things.)

D: So this small things

M: He didn't ask whether I have ha anything for the entire day or no whether I was happy or sad, or whether I have eaten my medicines or not, he never asked do I have my medicines or no and asked times he would not even come for check ups with me because he is busy so I would go all the way by myself though most of the times he would try to make it but suppose my appointment time was not in morning or late in evening suppose it was during day time so I even went for my sonographies alone, he wouldn't be there

D: Any other change at that time

M: No nothing else, nothing else

D: and what gave you, gave you most happiness during those 9 months

M: Happiness I would say my neighbors the one family which I made very good friends with, they were really very nice to me and actually the 7th month I would say because of my lack of interest in food, Kabir was a very weak child inside also I was physically very weak bhabhi one day went with me for sonography and the doctor told her all these things she really took care of me, I'm really totally indebted to her for Kabir's birth.

(Again the enthusiasm from small things comes up. this is for sure the centre of the case. However we had seen that initially the patient was denying and hiding the loneliness part, where the company of the husband would make her happy and excited.)

D: Any food item he craves in particular?

F: He likes he likes papdi achi lagti hai

M: He likes bread, besan gathiya, sauce, maggi

M: What do you want, what do you want?

K: Paani

M: Paani okay you want paani this has now come up now this has come up now he at least expresses what he wants, you want more paani?

D: What are the things that make him happy or something like this?

F: Happy he likes nursery rhymes that make him happy

(In the history that the parents gave about the child, the most peculiar thing coming up is the enthusiasm, happiness and the love to do small, small things. This is also come up in the mother's history during pregnancy. This indicates the plant family of piperaceae. The reaction to the loneliness was of avoidance. Even in the child, he hides whenever he sees any violence around. All these indicate to the sycotic miasm. Thus the whole centre is of 2 polarities of enthusiasm and happiness from small things on one side and violence, suffering or the opposite polarity that is peace and calmness on the other side.)

D: Any particular?

F: Take him to water. Going by the car, in evening if I take him out he is very happy infact if we go down and then don't sit in the car, he gets very disappointed, then h is made up in his mind that we are going out so he is very happy the, aur kya bolu, kuch baki hai?


Focus of the case:

Peace, comfort, calmness, happiness and excitement rather enthusiasm for doing small-small things, sensitivity to suffering and violence


Plant kingdom

Sensitivity to the violence in child's history and reactivity in form of experiencing happiness, excitement in small, small things

Opposite polarity of suffering and pain that is peace, calmness in mother's history is the centre and along with that excitement, enjoyment, happiness from small, small things.



Sensations of Piperaceae:

Pain, no excitement and boredom opposite is amusement, pleasurable amusement. Excitement, vivaciousness, desire travel, liveliness, unaffected by boredom and loneliness (As a compensatory mechanism)

Life is dull, painful and full of suffering so he wants amusement and a kind of pleasure – pleasurable amusement to add taste or flavors. The spice to life, something similar to what pepper does for bland and tasteless food: it adds flavor to it.

D/D Papavaracea: In this family there is only pain and suffering like hell.



Complete acceptance, avoidance and denial of the state of loneliness and being alone in mother's history during pregnancy.

Hiding from violence and holding the hand of parent in child's history

"Hiding and avoiding pain, boredom, suffering"


Piper nigricum

Piperaceae with the centre of forsaken feeling and friendless feeling



At general level, so 30 to MM

Emotional level of experience, so 200

Summary of Follow ups:

I would now like to throw some light on what happened to the journey after the similimum was given to the child.

In the first few follow ups, finger flapping and moving in circles increased. The eye contact started developing. The mother observed and reported slightest changes that occurred. He followed instructions better in a period of 2 months. I continued his treatment on placebo.

In October 2008, his crying spells increased, he became a lot aggressive. With that the language developed gradually. As per his centre, the child would be enthusiastic in learning new activities like bathing, wearing shoes, choosing his socks etc. as the tantrums were out of control, a dose was repeated of piper nigricum 200.

Gradually, the tantrums came under control. Language and conversation became better where he started speaking up 2-3 words instead of monosyllable. His mother told that his violence has reduced and now he plays games that are more constructive. Till a period of March 2009 all these significant changes gradually developed. Also he started to express himself through hugging people. His drawings of scribbling and lines all over converted into shapes of circle, square, triangle etc.

In May 2009 when the mother came, she said that now the child has also started asking us sensible questions. Language had developed with leaps and bunds where he spoke sentences though with assistance. He used prepositions. Curiosity developed about his internal and external environment. He responded to questions with appropriate answers. He also knew how it feels to be sick. He would come to the clinic and would explain everything asked to him about acute situations like fever. However he was always on placebo except for in acute fevers for a period of 6 to 8 months. Then he started framing full sentences. His mother could actually feel that he was a completely transformed child. Spontaneous language had come up without prompting him.

In March, 2010 the child walked in my cabin all alone without his mother. I had never imagined having this conversation with the child where his language was completely formed. It was as if I never knew that he was autistic. He expressed all normal emotions like his fears. He spoke about his dreams himself. Eye contact had almost come from zero to 90% of maintaining the eye contact. He expressed all his likes, dislikes and also imaginations himself. He verbalized about what he wanted to become when he would grow up.

The whole state of enthusiasm in small things that was expressed via the mother during pregnancy was now expressed through him. Furthermore the case had diluted at a level where it was appropriately felt by him. The hyperactivity to learn new things had mellowed down to purposeful and eventful activity. One of his new thrilling role model was the superman, spider-man and batman. A child who could not reciprocate to emotions and feelings could now not only feel them but also narrate them. He depicted the emotion of happiness through smiling. He understood gestures, expressions. Through drawing he shared his creativity in art.

The mother observed that the child understood the concept of space and also time in terms of months, weeks, days etc. The sense of self motivation of I want to look good or I want to be brave also developed. In June, 2010 the child is going to be authorized in a conventional school.

Importance of the mother's history during pregnancy:

A mother I am, I care and nurse my child,

Through me he expresses all that is wild,

My connection with him is indivisible,

Through me his entity is visible,

I am I and he is he,

But through me he shall see,

All the time talking through me,

My child is longing to just be.........

- Anonymous

It is a general belief that the mother's state is altered during pregnancy. Based on this, the child receives the mother's remedy upto a certain age. As homoeopathy is based on the concept of individualization this concept did not gel with my understanding. I believe that even though a child is the union of sperm and ovum, the child has his or her unique identity and hence his or her own similimum. The fetus is a unique entity and not a mirror image of either of the parents. For example, two atoms of hydrogen and one atom of oxygen both in gaseous state combine together to form water a liquid substance.


With knowledge of physics, referring natural laws and literature on various subjects and through my own experience it was clear that during pregnancy mothers started doing a lot things that were alien to their natural self. The energy of the child cannot be created, destroyed but can only be transformed from one form to another. In order to manifest itself, energy must have a form. The child's energy is transformed into the mother's expressions and the mother's body is a host to the way the child thinks, feels, reacts and senses. Thus it is the child's energy that expresses through the mother. The mother's changed state during pregnancy is nothing but the child's pattern expressing itself through the mother. The following factors can be considered during 9 months of pregnancy:

- Change in the feelings, delusions and perceptions

- Change in the cravings and aversions

- Change in the dreams, nightmares and fears

- Desire to watch a particular television show, read a particular book

- Any sudden intensification of the mother's feelings

- Any unusual bodily sensation experienced


Thus, even though a child is a part of the parents and inherits the genetic pattern of the parents, it is an individual from the very beginning.