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Below are a few articles written by Drs. Chauhan and their colleague doctors.

Here, we have provided some articles for professional doctors to help understand Homoeopathy better.

A case of Seronagative Arthritis by Dr. Urvi gets published in Spectrum of Homeopathy

Its 2017, he came to me in 2004 at the age of 39 with the complaint of joint pains and associative swellings of finger joints. He was diagnosed as a case of Seronegative arthritis  Spectrum-of-Homeopathy-2017-3-Rheumatism-Narayana-Verlag.21625

A girl who loved black colour


a case By Dr. Urvi Chauhan

Published in Interhomeopathy June 2014 

Children, if allowed, express their unique energy pattern completely raw, pure, and uninhibited  face-moluscum-before 200x150 6fcec6f17f5fdbd276bb67de7abc5a76and a homeopathic physician may get overwhelmed observing the entire pattern unfolding in front of him. Though


A case by Dr. Dinesh Chauhan
Published in Spectrum 2017 January

A case by Dr. Dinesh gets published in Interhomeopathy

I have to hold on: a case of Germanium... by Dr. Dinesh Chauhan


The patient is a woman aged forty-four years; she came to me in 2012 with IBS (Irritable bowel syndrome) and  some other physical complaints.  interhom

Passive case witnessing process

Dinesh Chauhan (DC): We need to understand you and your illness, so tell me whatever you think will help me to understand you. 
Patient (P): “The first problem is a bony growth on my head (HG: pointing to vertex) and my shoulder. This one is there for twelve years (vertex) and this one for few months (shoulder). Another problem is that whenever I take dairy products like ghee, sweets, milk, etc,. for about three or four days in a row, I have a stomach ache starting from my lower abdomen and going to the vagina. 

A history of abuse: a case of Magnesium bromatum

by Dr. Dinesh Chauhan
Published at Interhomeopathy
Abuse and trauma are sensitive issues to society and to homeopathy as well, since as the person who has suffered abuse or any mental trauma is so shaken, his or her entire life is so overpowered, that it is difficult to bring him out of the impact of the situation. Given that my approach changes somewhat in non-verbal cases, childrens' cases or elderly patients, I wondered how I would approach cases which have a strong history of abuse and trauma.

A Jewel of a Case

sapphire Case of a girl who loves collecting shells and jewellery by Dr. Dinesh Chauhan.

Published in Similia - the Australian Journal of Homoeopathic Medicine



We Spoke to Each Other Without Any Sound...


Case of a child suffering from thyroiditis by Dr. Dinesh Chauhan, published in All Things Healing




Second Paediatric case of Dr. Dinesh in NJH

National Journal of Homeopathy publishes in its Feb 2012 journal- "Paediatrics-2" (Volume 14/No2) yet another child's case from Dr. Dinesh Chauhan's clinic.

"We Spoke to eachother without Sound":

A case of an eight year old girl who suffered from Auto immune thyroiditis was rather a tricky case Hashimoto-Thyroiditis as the language used by the girl was a forign language (serbian) and she refused to allow any serbian interpreter to be present in the consulting chamber.\

The case was followed with the help of case witnessing process-an individualised approach of case taking model designed by Dr. Dinesh Chauhan.

This case is an example of how the case witnessing process came to Dr. Dinesh's rescue to understand the case and find the simillimum for the child .

Read the entire case...

Lichhen Planus case by Dr. Urvi Chauhan gets published on Hpathy.com


Homeopathy 4 Everyone March 2012 , an online journal by Hpathy.com publishes a Case of Lichen Planus and Alopecia Areata by Dr.Urvi Chauhan.

A Paediatric case by Dr. Dinesh gets published in The Homeopathic Heritage

Unfolding the unique energy of child through their FEARS

March 2012 issue, Volume 37, No. 12, The Homoeopathic Heritage publishes a case of  a ten year old boy by Dr. Dinesh; the child suffered Hypopigmented patches and recurrant Upper respiratory track infections.

Case of allergic tonsilitis in a child by Dr. Dinesh Chauhan


The case focuses upon:

1] The art of case witnessing in children cases to travel from their symptoms until their vital core

2] Importance of mother's pregnancy history that challanges the traditional beleif of giving same medicine to child as that of the mother and defines unique concept with the given case as a practical example to support the concept.

Case of a young girl with Ovarian Teratoma


I am scared of injuries

Baby S S, of age eight years consulted me on 09/05/06 and was diagnosed with Ovarian Teratoma.

The child was a Post- Operative case of Ovarian Teratoma. After surgery she had developed secondaries in the lungs. Even after starting chemotheraphy her condition was getting worse. Since she was not responding to the modern line of treatment, she opted for homoeopathy.

Case of multiple corns by Dr.Urvi Chauhan

  corns The Case receiving process in children demands a Sound understanding of a Child's Psych, readiness to leave the "Adult logics" aside, Open mind that gives them their own space, skill and art of Conversation with them and enough Patience (
which, of course is a demand of any case in Homoeopathy.). Though, sounds challenging, this actually imparts a lot of thrill and excitement while you travel with them in Case receiving process and once the exploration is over, it feels you up with a sense of satisfaction and elation.

A Case of Bronchial Asthma in a teenage boy by Dr. Dinesh Chauhan

Speed, Concentration, and Accuracy Is a Must

Master M. M., age fourteen years, consulted me on December 5, 2007, complaining of a blocked nose, recurrent cough, and breathlessness, which was diagnosed as bronchial asthma.

Case of Autistic child by Dr. Dinesh Chauhan

AutisticChild Every child is a miracle, he is unique and since the beginning of the world there has not been and till the end of the world there will not be another child like him

- Pabelo Casals


Unprejudiced Observer


During case witnessing process look at what is rather then what it could be, should be, may be. Rule is What is- is


Why our science took 200 years to reach to present understanding?

powerpoint-logo Why our science took 200 years to reach to present understanding?



I often ask myself...

homeopathIn this era of our ever-growing science of Homoeopathy, I often ask myself, that with the abundant of new information, new theories, new laws at our disposal, made possible by astounding discoveries of our science and with the immense power that homoeopathic science has given to us, are we bit happier than less knowledgeable and more helpless fore fathers of Homoeopathy?

Aim For Homoeopathic Physicians

homeopathAim of Homoeopathic Physician is accepting the opportunity of truly getting to know them, and enjoying the adventure of exploring and discovering what lies beyond their masks and defenses. It is contemplating with tenderness their deepest fears and insecurities, their dreams and joys, sorrows and aspirations so that we can come to know their deepest feelings, delusions and sensations.

Sensation : A Power-point presentation

sensation What is Sensation?

Sensation is nothing but a body and mind before they split apart.


Dreams in Follow up

homeopathThis one area, which has been largely neglected by most of the homoeopaths. Mainly because most of them are not aware of what of what to do with Dreams, what happens to them after the similimum? Most of us are not aware how to judge the progress of cure from the dreams. In this article I have tried to explain the use of dreams during the follow-up. What happens to them, what does changes in the dreams after the similimum signify?

Internal Focusing - To explore the vital sensation

asarum A case of Asarum, Dinesh Chauhan

Homoeopathic Links Spring 2006, Vol. 19


Dr. Urvi's Interview on Hpathy Ezine - May 2007

know-urvi-chauhan1 "This interview-though challenging, has been quite a thoughtful and insightful experience for me with an intention to share the knowledge upon the approach of Vital Energy Disturbance, Dr. Sankaran's methodologies and combined role of Homoeopathy with Yoga for the betterment of life and living of the patients. Sharing the practical dynamics of this approach was fun though it made this interview more intense but clear..." Dr. Urvi Chauhan

Understanding on “The Vital Sensation” by Dr. Urvi Chauhan

Urvi_Chauhan-138Word “Sensation” in a simple term is nothing but an experience. It comes from the latin word ‘sensus’, which means "the faculty of perceiving." A  “sensation” is the product of perception felt or experienced.

Unfurling a Child’s Altered Pattern Through Art by Dinesh Chauhan

homeopath How to take, or witness a case through a child’s drawings. How to observe and make the connections that can lead to a prescription, when the patient has little language.