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Know Dr. Urvi Chauhan


IMG-20141124-WA0018 Dr. Urvi Shah Chauhan is the founder and consultant of Swasthya Homoeopathic Healing along with her husband Dr. Dinesh Chauhan and founder of Swasthya Udaan - a sister branch of Swasthya. She is a practicing Homoeopath, whole plant food consultant, a Yoga Consultant, Publisher, Editor, Book-artist, Creative head of Swasthya, and  which is based in Mumbai, India. She is the vital hand behind designing and developing both their web sites www.homeohome.com and www.casewitnessing.com 

On 24th Nov 2014, she was honoured with the prestigious "Indira  Gandhi Shiromani Award" at New Delhi;The award function was organised by IIFS (India International Friendship Society); this award is given to few for their individual meritorious services and achievements,  in lieu of the yeoman services rendered with excellence in their respective fields.  the award was given by Shree Shekhar Dutta (former Governor of Chhattisgarh), Shree Bhishmapratap singh (cabinet minister) and Shree Virendra Kataria (Ex-Governor Puducherry) on 24th Nov 2014 at New Delhi.

she and Dr. Dinesh Chauhan,both were honoured with the "Rashtriya Gaurav Award" on 15th April 2015 by honerable Dr. Bhishma Narain Singh( formar governer of Tamilnadu and Assam )  in the annual function  organised by IIFS ((India International Friendship Society), at new delhi. This award came in recognisation for their meritorious services, outstanding performance and remarkable role in the field of homeopathy.  2015-06-17 12.04.52

Dr. Urvi was interviewed by the FM Gold Radio Channel, where she gave live talks on Homoeopathy and Yoga answering various queries in the minds of the lay people concerning the same. The talks were aired all over India. 

Through Swasthya Udaan, she aims to help people take their health in their hands through whole plant based food and wholesome mindful  living that looks after both- ones Inner as well as outer self / Nature (The Envirnment). She does individual consultations and conducts cooking (dairy/oil/sugar/refined/chemical/processed/additive free) workshops  to spread awareness upon the same.

"Athato Brahma Jigyasa Foundation", a charity based workshop for Indian Homoeopaths started by the Drs. Chauhan, has gathered a lot of accolades from around the nation.

The clinical course in the case witnessing process for foreign delegates, organised by Urvi, is  popular around the world.

Though being behind the curtains, she plays a major role in bringing life to Dr Dinesh’s ideas and putting his ideas in an interestingly readable form. She owns Philosia Publications, which has published two DVD sets and four books authored by Dr. Dinesh, the fourth one is also co-aurthored by Dr. Urvi. She is the chief editor as well as designer, of all the books and articles published by Philosia Publications.

She is a regular contributor to various national, as well as international homoeopathic journals. She is one of the panellists on web portal hpathy.com. She is a Guest editor for the international homeopathic e-journal Interhomeopathy by Narayana Publishers. 

Her belief is that, while Homoeopathy helps in restoring Holistic Health, wholesome plant based food, mindful living and yoga help in maintaining the same. Thus, she guides her patients accordingly, through her combined, holistic approach which also helps to speed up the inner healing journey for the patient, which has truly been an asset to her.


Cooking (Dairy/Refined/Processed/Oil/Sugar/additive free) workshops conducted by Dr. Urvi @ Swasthya Udaan

  • Mumbai- 5th September 2015  IMG-20150905-WA0043 IMG-20150905-WA0037







  • Ahmadabad- 24th Oct 2015- Diwali special  2015-10-25 10.58.20 2015-10-25 11.10.53










As a publisher and Chief editor: 

Various books and DVDs published under Drs. Chauhan's publishing house Philosia are:

As an Author, writer, compilor:

As Creative head and Book Artist: She has designed the following:

As an organiser:

  • Her Clinical Course in the case witnessing process for international homoeopaths has attracted participants from countries as far away as South Africa, Canada, Austria, Israel, clinical course dec 2014 20141222 1202819989 Korea, Japan, Portugal, Lithunania, Germany, Muscat, Columbia, and Ireland. (click here for more...)
  • Organizes Workshops by ABJF trust. This trust is a dream organisation of the duo Drs. Urvi and Dinesh Chauhan where they conduct free educative lecture workshops for the Indian Homoeopaths. She is the treasurer of the trust as abjf march 2015 well..(click here for more)
  • She was the Clinical Coordinator to the international students for the course organised by the School of Classical Homeopathy [Dr. Rajan Sankaran]
  • She helped organise and manage various courses and seminars presented by Dr. Rajan Sankaran and his team under HRC trust.



As a yoga instructor:

She earned her degree in yoga to help pursue overall health in patients. She earned this degree from Certificate course in Yoga from the University of Mumbai and Teacher's training Course from The Yoga Institute, Santacruz, Mumbai, India, the oldest organised centre of Yoga in the world.



yoga-class As a Yoga teacher, she conducted Yoga Awareness Programs for senior citizens from Andheri, Mumbai, India. She also run Yoga classes for ladies of age groups 25 to 40 years. Her workshop on yoga for physically challenged youngsters, as well as elderly groups, at AIIPMR (All India Institute of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation), Haji Ali, Mumbai, India was very well received, for which she was honoured by the institute.




And lastly, in her words, "Such contributions from my side are due to the humble experiences I have gained in life through homeopathy, Yoga and holistic plant based diet.

And there is a long way to go...

 Feedbacks from the Patients:

"Its such a great thing that there is some medication process which not only heals you physical but also Internally and mentally. I had no of issues with me suffering from frequent cough n cold on emotional terms to I had been very depressed prior medication and been physically weak. But today after almost 1 year of treatment I can definitely say that I have transformed not only healed but has changed me in many difference aspect of life. I feel very strong in terms of emotional front and the cough and cold issues too have gone for ease. 

One thing I can say is homeopathy works miracles. Each and everyone should try to change the view of looking at what we are suffering. What appears physically is the indication that something is wrong within which can better understood by my Dr urvi chauvan and with her guidance I see change myself. Such a great feeling!!" Mrs. P.S [Mumbai]

“Dear Dr. Urvi:  I had a session with you when you came to Cairo. I have become very curious about the remedy I've taken because I have generally become better—a good feeling of well-being and a positive attitude. I've repeated the remedy only once after 4 months of first taking it. Even my dreams have improved. Thank you!”

"What I appreciate about the treatment is that Dr. Urvi studied in depth my personality type and is treating me accordingly. Not only has my allergy reduced, I am finding positive changes in my personality.  Also, the medicines are not strong and I have not felt any side effects. Earlier, the anti-allergy medicines that I used to take made me very drowsy and tired.”


 Feedback upon organization from participants of the Clinical Course:

"I want to thank you Dr. Urvi first of all for guiding me to Mumbai. Through your patience always writing me back the e-mails. Explaining me whatever question I had about my trip to Mumbai. Although I only met you once in the Clinic I felt that you have done a lot of work so that I could feel comfortable in Mumbai. Thank you for arranging everything so that my trip to India and the Clinical course were very successful for me and my wife. I feel that you are the person behind that gives the strength to this Clinical Course. Thank you very much for giving us the opportunity of sharing all the knowledge of you and your group". Dr. Dairo Melo (Colombia. 2009; Clinical Course)

"Dinesh and Urvi both live, breathe, and love homeopathy. They are magically lovely hosts." Erika Simonian, New York.


From the Participants of ABJF:

"With this seminar one thing is sure that this system is possible for me to use, though at present I find it a little difficult to practice ... M'am's starting prayer was very essential and important for concentrating in the lecture ... thank you."

"I am spelled bound looking at the amount of efforts that you guys have put in. And it's a wonderful feeling to be a part of it. It was a feast for me. ...This seminar has given me a global view. It has opened a different and a much much bigger door. It has pushed my goal many more miles away."

"Arrangements done by ABJ were really awesome and especially the yoga taught in the morning was really refreshing. M'am, the way you teach yoga I love it and I enjoy it."