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Moments of fun-filled learning, motivation, inspiration and warmth of togetherness ... ABJF workshop of session 2/Season 4 of Magic of Basic was indeed a completely a satisfying journey... a journey that promised to start 2013 with inspiration, motivation and promise to fall more and more in love with homeopathy and holistic healing for ALL...

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Now I can surly deal with acute case till the source level... Dr. V. Kadia (Apr 2011)

Dr. D. Shah: Dineshsir, you transform many Homoepaths by helping them find their path, which, in turn will transform many lives (when we'll treat patients)...

It was actually a transforming seminar & me on behalf of all participants say thanks for your such better activity. Read more from Dr. Parth Mankad

"ABJF has had a very certain and positive influence upon my case taking methods"



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April 2nd and 3rd 2011, Magic of Basic season 2/session three

Learning is a constant process in one's life in all areas but especially when it comes to Homeopathy It becomes even more important as being a Homeopath we need to sharpen our weapons everyday in order to get expertise in practice. Various kinds of seminars we might have attended in order to learn various aspects of Homeopathy but Seminar under the roof of ABJF (Athato Bramha Jigyasa Foundation)always gives much more than only Homeopathic learning . It is a kind of seminar which works cognitively in the phase of development being a homeopath.

ABJF arranges a kind of residential seminar for 2 /3 days every time. Where the whole expense of accommodation & food is being sponsored by ABJF itself which is run by Dr. Dinesh & Urvi Chauhan & even the most valuable teaching from Dr. Dinesh also costs no material cost. The only cost for attending ABJF seminar is our dedication in Homeopathy.

This time on 2nd & 3rd April the topic was prescribing on Acute cases. Topics discussed in this seminar are as follows: What is acute? How to handle acute? Our scope in Acute. Should we give acute remedy in acute or not? Potency selection in acute cases. Repetition in acute cases. Way of taking a case in acute .How to reach to similimum in the shortest time in acute .Management of cases with homeopathy which requires Hospitalization. Dr. Dinesh has shared his insights in all these topics with the examples through cured cases & scientific explanation of all these points has been done. With his excellent teaching & scientific journey he made almost all doubts clear regarding the acute from almost all i.e. more than 60 participants of the seminar. Finally from ABJF as a memory of attendance one nice memento was given to all participants. It was even a great time when all participants shared our world cup win at night.

In short it was actually a transforming seminar & me on behalf of all participants say thanks for your such better activity. Next seminar will be in July 1st week .The topic is "MAGIC IN BASIC" where the main focus will be case taking process. It is actually worth attending & recommended seminar for all those who want to practice true Homeopathy.

Let us participate & grow together...

Dr. Parth Mankad