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Moments of fun-filled learning, motivation, inspiration and warmth of togetherness ... ABJF workshop of session 2/Season 4 of Magic of Basic was indeed a completely a satisfying journey... a journey that promised to start 2013 with inspiration, motivation and promise to fall more and more in love with homeopathy and holistic healing for ALL...

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Now I can surly deal with acute case till the source level... Dr. V. Kadia (Apr 2011)

Dr. D. Shah: Dineshsir, you transform many Homoepaths by helping them find their path, which, in turn will transform many lives (when we'll treat patients)...

It was actually a transforming seminar & me on behalf of all participants say thanks for your such better activity. Read more from Dr. Parth Mankad

"ABJF has had a very certain and positive influence upon my case taking methods"



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 Final session of Fourth Season ABJF: 23rd and 24th March 2013

DSC_0474 62 homeopaths from 5 different states of India, gathered to have a holistic experience with Homeopathy, meditation, recreation, and relaxation –immersed in the colors of inspiration for holistic homoepathy and healing – the final session of 4th season ABJF was dedicated in true sense to both- the upcoming Holi and Hanhanemann’s day…  DSC_0431

The two days allowed exercising both the parts of the brain- the group of gathered homeopaths exercised their left brain with mind storming discussion over HOMOEPATHY ((Difficult pathologies [one sided diseases, Cancer patients], difficult cases (patients stuck at situation levels), reassessments, etc)) with Dr. dinesh and video cases that he brought; they got their evening free to meditate and get close to their inner self in the serene environment of Manas Mandir. But, this was not all- the recreational group activity organized by Dr. Urvi Chauhan tickled and  exercised   their  DSC_0363  right brain;  the activity was inspired by the upcoming Holi and Hahnemann’s day; it was heartwarming to witness the participant’s perception about Homeopathy, Holistic Healing and their dream and vision for themselves as a homeopathic holistic healer- coming alive on the canvas with the elements of colours, newspapers, dried leaves, DSC_0266  woods and feathers;  a fun filled activity that finally brought a small memorable souvenir for all- really proved refreshing and relaxing at the same time inspiring  and motivating. 

Like always, this session of ABJF was again a perfect blend of Left with Right- Head with Heart , Science with Art- where the colours  of Holi and inspirations from Hahnamann’s day were experienced in their true  essence.




Thank you all for making March 2013 , the Final session of Magic of Basic (Season IV) so enriching-












Earlier workshops:

Workshop Venue:Aadishwardham
Dated: 6th and 7th October 2007
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