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Moments of fun-filled learning, motivation, inspiration and warmth of togetherness ... ABJF workshop of session 2/Season 4 of Magic of Basic was indeed a completely a satisfying journey... a journey that promised to start 2013 with inspiration, motivation and promise to fall more and more in love with homeopathy and holistic healing for ALL...

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Now I can surly deal with acute case till the source level... Dr. V. Kadia (Apr 2011)

Dr. D. Shah: Dineshsir, you transform many Homoepaths by helping them find their path, which, in turn will transform many lives (when we'll treat patients)...

It was actually a transforming seminar & me on behalf of all participants say thanks for your such better activity. Read more from Dr. Parth Mankad

"ABJF has had a very certain and positive influence upon my case taking methods"



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Review of Magic of Basic (Season2) Session 3

2011 – the Historic (World-Cup) Final session

Date: 2nd and 3rd April 2011; Venue: Manas Mandir, Shahpur

Number of Participants: 70
(Session for the senior homoeopaths)


The heat of THE 2011 WORLD CUP was experienced all over the world, more so with the Indians and the Shri-lankans but much much more so by the organizing team of ABJF. And the reason being the same date for both the events! 

The Second of April 2011-

The day of Final 2011 World-cup 
 the day of the Final session of second season of Magic of Basic by ABJF!

Originally registered by 130 participants, we, the organizing team was almost celebrating the victory of hitting a century, only to get shocking news of wickets in series. Soon, to our realization, hitting a century became an illusion and there was a problem sustaining the match! The preceding two days of the workshop were gone attending phone calls- various excuses from the naive registered participants and the confessions for their last moment cancelation by a few of them were valid  – for the obvious reasons.   

Nevertheless, we could score 70 and the workshop was worth its weight with gold! Reasons being multiple:

1) Discussion upon much awaited topic “Approach in dealing the Acute pathologies with Homoeopathy, technique of case witnessing process for Acute, and  the success rate  while dealing Acute”

2) Detailed discussion upon difficulties experienced while dealing with Acute pathologies amongst participants and Dr. chauhan.

3) Shedding light upon concept of Acute pathologies and presenting  a valid connection of the old concepts (dating back to Dr. Hahneman’s era)  with the new ones by Dr. Dinesh. 

4) Bringing in by Dr. Chauhan the conceptual clarity between differentiation b/w Acute exacerbation of chronic state and development of Acute state as present predominant one and thus need to deal with it separately.

5) Detailed explanation upon the process of case witnessing by Dr. Dinesh for the  Acute pathologies. (with the help of Video cases ).  Emphasis being made upon use of Active and Active- Active case witnessing processes for the Acute cases.

6) Introduction, understanding and various details of Internal witnessing –a new technique of case witnessing by Dr. Dinesh Chauhan to deal Acute pathologies with success. (Demonstrated with the help of Video cases by Dr. Dinesh). This opened the door to reach the innermost altered pattern of patients suffering from acute pathology, the patient could experience the whole altered state during the Case witnessing process itself.  

7) Watching Final 2011 world-cup: on 2nd, after the lecture, small screen was arranged to watch the world-cup final, together with all the participants of the workshop. Together we cheered for the team of India, shared the emotions of tons of Indians and celebrated the victory of winning the world-cup final by India. That was truly an emotional moment! 

8) And finally gifting of small souvenirs (custom made book mark and a small pocket reference card that featured steps in case witnessing process) prepared by Dr. Urvi Chauhan for the entire seminar participants which they really deserved. 

Though we missed hitting a century this time, we actually won the cup! The victory was double- an eventful workshop and an eventful celebration of 2011 world cup victory by Indian cricket team!



(Dr. Urvi Chauhan. HOM.)

(Director and Chief : Swasthya Homoeopathic Healing, Philosia Publication, ABJF-Not For Profit organization)


Read another review by Dr. Parth Markand from Ahmadabad