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Moments of fun-filled learning, motivation, inspiration and warmth of togetherness ... ABJF workshop of session 2/Season 4 of Magic of Basic was indeed a completely a satisfying journey... a journey that promised to start 2013 with inspiration, motivation and promise to fall more and more in love with homeopathy and holistic healing for ALL...

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Now I can surly deal with acute case till the source level... Dr. V. Kadia (Apr 2011)

Dr. D. Shah: Dineshsir, you transform many Homoepaths by helping them find their path, which, in turn will transform many lives (when we'll treat patients)...

It was actually a transforming seminar & me on behalf of all participants say thanks for your such better activity. Read more from Dr. Parth Mankad

"ABJF has had a very certain and positive influence upon my case taking methods"



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Testimonials upon the ABJF workshops

Testimonials from FEB- March 2015 workshop:  -NEW  IMG-20150322-WA0021


"Back from ABJF seminar held at Manas Mandir Shahpur. What to say! Few words that come together to express my perception of CWP cannot do full justice to what Drs Chauhan are doing through their dedicated team and organization. Groundbreaking! Visionary! Creative and Inspirational! One has to experience the evolution of homeopathy happening here. It's a paradigmatic shift in defining similimum and inventing a step by step process to directly perceive the alive altered pattern at the holistic level where body and mind speak the same language.


Dr Dinesh Chauhan and his exceptional team is doing the greatest service of homeopathy by sharing his deep insights based on solid experience that are sure to revolutionize future of medicine.


He has found the key to harness the highest power of similimum. His teaching style is clear, engaging, insightful and inspirational. He has a knack for presenting most complicated and profound matters with exceptional simplicity. Case presentation and their long term and periodic follow up is capable of convincing even staunch critics of homeopathy. His visionary outlook to share his experience with genuine homeopathic community in India and outside brings hope for bright future of homeopathy in spite of serious threats from commercial opportunists both outside and inside.


 It was a memorable experience to be for 3 days in an open minded learning community in a very cordial and hospitable natural ambience which bears an unmistakable signature of a most wonderful and creative human being, Dr Urvi Chauhan. I wish that more and more serious homeopaths must join the revolution for uplifting status of both homeopathy and homeopaths."  Dr. MANOJ SUCHDEVA  (Dehradun)

“I feel it’s like a Pilgrimage towards the center of the True light by holding the hand of Dinesh Sir.  I want keep holding & keep moving.”  DR. J. MICHAEL XAVIER

“There is something very different about Dr. Dinesh.  His style is uninhibited; he is inspiring & holds on to our attention.  The concepts are clear in his head & he can express it to us equally well.  You have been doing a very good work & Dr. Dinesh you put your heart out & teach us.  And experiencing your energy inspires us & motivates to evolve ahead.  The cases and explanation were exceptional.  Each case the basic guideline of case witnessing process were followed & highlighted & explained.” DR. ESHA KARIA

“Excellent & enjoyable at the same time, knowledge importing through cases (practical) for learning “sab dharti kagaj karu, lekhani sab banray, saat samunder ki masi karu gur guun likha na jaye”  above words are very small to opine about speaker.” PREMLATA B. ROTTI

“Dr. Dinesh is fantastic speaker.  He makes us learn, enjoy and think upon the topics through his meaningful Oration.  Greatly admire him. Also he gives motivation and opportunities for younger growing minds. The Art of case taking and Posology which was confusing made us clearer and gave a broader mind to think upon the topic. ” M. NAVEENA

“I am sure that the lecture content made me clear about how to start & progress with different cases.  As a budding homoeopath.  I have gained much through this seminar.” KRITHIKA MADHAVAN

“No substitute of Dr. Dinesh’s style & expertise, Presentation quite good.  Like Case Presentation of Dr. Atul & Dr. Riddhi getting inspiration from them a lot.” DR. AMI J. VYAS

 “Everything about Dr. Dinesh was nice, good and sufficient.” S. JEEVITHA

“Dr. Dinesh is an energetic person. Mrs. Urvi Dinesh was so cute in relaxing our mind by her song.  Like you both. Lots of love.”  R. RAJJASHREE

“Dr. Dinesh’s teaching style is superb.   It is easily understandable & it’s easy to replicate.  His case taking Technique is marvelous. I really learned that how to take the patient deeper and understand them holistically.” DR. RAJESH CHAUHAN


Testimonials from FEB- March 2014 workshop: Synergetic Integration: Staying firmly rooted while blooming high (Magic of Basic /season V/session 1)-

  “No words to express enough. An original thinker, clear explanation, frank opinion, down to earth style. All the ideal features of an Iconic Speaker. Unmatched lecture. All the answers t feb 2014 abjf 36 o questions asked were really logical, experiential and insightful. Fully satisfied with the organization.” - Dr. Ranjan.

  “The only way of learning Homoeopathy is “simply” by Dr. Chauhan Sir.” Dr. Sachin Musmade

  “Lecture was very informative. Clear explanation. All the case feb 2014 abjf 32 presentations were good. This is the first time I am attending Dr. Dinesh Chauhan’s seminar on sensation method. Whatever was presented and explained was understood. The content of the lecture was simple, understandable and well explained as it has been explained with plain logic.” - Dr. Varsha Rajan

  “Dr. Dinesh Sir has a great command and a simple way of explaining his ideas in the easiest possible way. SALUTE J Everything provided was much better than expected J Thanks ABJF.” Dr. Shahrukh Shaikh Nisar

  “Excellent conversation style. Expertise teaching skills. Tends to bind the audience to the “core”. Lecture content was educative, to the point, easily understandable and graspable.” Dr. Salman Khan Pathan

  “This time I wondered why am I going again to ABJF when I have already attended the seminar previously. It is because every time, I learn something new and interesting from Sir. As usual, no word’s about Sir’s style and expertise. Very informative, discussion on potency was really fantastic.” Dr. Shardul Joshi

  “Amazing like always. Presentation was made clear in a simplified manner so that we could feb 2014 abjf 40 understand well. It’s just “wow” and the cases were mind blowing and I enjoyed a lot. The organization was really good, the whole team took really good efforts for us and for this I am thankful.” Dr. Abhisha Joshi

  “Since I am attending Dr. Dinesh Chauhan’s seminar for the first time, I felt that there is a scientific basis in his case taking, case solving and remedy differentiation. I am looking forward to attend more of his seminars.”- Dr. Ofa Shah

  feb 2014 abjf 25 "Everything was THE BEST. Didn’t feel like I am away from home. Very friendly atmosphere. Loved it. Thank you so much ABJF." Dr. Vidyarani Balagar

 "Dr. Dinesh Sir taught us very simply about everything. The cases were too good. Case taking was elaborated in a very simple manner and the basic understanding of Sensation method got clear."  Dr. Dipti P. Sawant

 "Expert as always. Calmly explains every aspect practically and philosophically one by one. For me, his way of presenting makes it more interesting and desirable to learn and apply. I enjoy his talk."  Dr. Vijayalakshmi

 "10/10. Thank you so much for all the wonderful arrangements made for us and this is a must visit place.” Dr. Vivek Wagule

  “Excellent. Team members of ABJF: Hats off to you all.” Dr. S. Arun

  “Passionate, vivacious, best teaching way, excellent. I’ve always admired you Sir.” Dr. M. Priyan

  “The way of case taking adopted by you is very good. What I was doing was superficial, now from your lectures surely I will make a “Genius” and go to the “Core”. Excellent! It was my first experience and I got a lot to understand. Now I have come to know about the exact meaning of case taking. Before, I was confused about it. It will help in my future progress. The place chosen for this event is very beautiful, full of peace and the exact location for understanding Homoeopathy. The food was very tasty and simple and an excellent place for studying.  Your “patience” for case taking is excellent. Now I understand what “patience” is and how it is successful to a “Homoeopath” Thanks a lot Sir JDr. Tushit Katoch


Read the REVIEW from the workshop by Dr. Rina Dedhiya- NEW



Testimonials from March 2013 workshop: Final Session  of Magic of Basic (season IV)-


“Dr. Dinesh sir gave us a new insight in dealing with difficult cases with extra ordinary inputs like – How to find out the focus – though it comes repeatedly, if it is at conscious talk, leave it and take something which is coming unconsciously. “How to make RETAKE”  provided new insights… cases leading to awareness was extra ordinary, where I could understand the difference between catharsis and awareness. Awareness is seen in patient’s actions. Thanks to Dr. Urvi for the beautiful picture/drawing activity which was very enjoyable.” DR. KIRTIRAJ VATKAR

 “Dr. Dinesh is Perfect as ever, Master peace, with Sound communication skills, Alert mind, Meditative case taking, Very good analytical thinking…” DR. HARSHAD KADAM

“We could understand to solve the difficulties which are faced during practice. We could get lots of tips and logic.” DR. T SIVANANTHAM

"Lecture content was very much useful in our practice and really it will help us to give more better healing for the patients in all aspects physical, mental as well as social.” DR. ABHISHA SHARDUL JOSHI

“We are privileged to learn from the master himself. He does not points out but makes us understand our mistakes in case witnessing. Obliged with organization and thankful for everything” DR. B SAPTAGIRI

"He has mastered the art, yet weaning the student in him. He inspires me with his zeal to share his knowledge without inhibition or ego. He is true to himself and homoeopathy. His true sympathy towards patients is reflected in everything that he does; we need to learn that first.

ORGANISATION was well coordinated and hospitality at its best."


“Presentation is really excellent. I can easily understand what the speaker is conveying.” DR. SHIVASHANKAR A

“Every time sir teaches a different way in viewing the case which will surely help me. Excellent food and stay arrangements!” DR. LAVINA SHAH

Dr. Dinesh is Very gentle, mild, down to earth, very communicative like a friend, Loving, and caring, Very creative, intelligent always in TALASH- the search for new in homoeopathy. I found the surprise activity at night to be full of excitement, and cheerfulness.” DR. PADMAKAR ANPAT

“No seminar gives this kind of food and stay arrangement.” DR. KIRAN JADHAV




Testimonials from December 2012 workshop: Session 2 of Magic of Basic (season IV):

Review by Dr. Priyanka Jain Gandhi


“ABJF has had a very certain and positive influence upon my case taking methods. I give more open space than even before; thank you so much. My results are so much better. Your emphasis on Mother’s history during pregnancy has sharpened and improved our results in pediatrics.” PRASH ANT BHOSALE

“Dr. Dinesh’s lecture style is unique and is understood by each and every person, from an intern to a senior practitioner, so it is wonderful to attend any of his lectures.  CWP is a very wonderful and a never ending topic, so it is great to learn about it.

ABJF is one of the most wonderful organizations I have come across with so helpful and pleasant people it is really pleasure to know all you people.

I always get inspiration from ABJJF; in whatever I do. Being present  here, for 2 days and surrounded by homoeopathy all the time is the best experience any homoeopath can get.” DR. SHRUTI ALGUNDGI

“Very very inspiring for a young homoeopath like me, And an excellent teacher, hats off to you Dr. Dinesh.” DR. SONAL PARAB

“Phenomenal hold on the subject. Seems very down to earth which is the biggest virtue; Good lucid easily understandable. Superb organization; loved the location also.” VINAY JOSHI

“It requires a lot of hard work for such organizing; On the whole seminar was nicely managed.” DR V. S. JOSHI

“As usual Rocking!  You are the rock star of homoeopathic field. We love this two or three days stay at such a peaceful place, away from the rush of our crowded cities. This is the perfect place to learn.” DR. SHARDUL JOSHI

“We could understand how to select the rubrics from the centre of the patient. It is very useful for our practice.  Our Manitham will travel along with ABJF.” DR. T SIVNANTHAM

“Very impressive case taking and presentation. It helps new practitioner to practice homoeopathy and offers good hopes that - I can practice homoeopathy-.” DR. SHRADDHA KHOMANE

“Dr dinesh chauhan has presented the seminar in a very systematic manner. He explained us each and every point (of difficulty), which we face during case taking; he explained us how to arrive at the centre of the human being. The organization of the seminar was good. There were no difficulties about travel, food and stay etc.” DR. SWATI WALKE

“Very good, never tired of talking or of listening to others. Dr. Dinesh had a very positive attitude towards the audience, always wanting to tell more.” DR. ASHITA PARULEKAR

“It was an awesome lecture given by dr. dinesh chauhan. Sir I liked your explanation and the patience that most of the practitioner homoeopath forget, You could maintain that all throughout your cases- that was an inspirational motivational support to us.” DR MANISHA JHA

“Dr. Dinesh teaches at grass root level. So we could understand the concepts very nicely and easily. His expertise in teaching and homoeopathic principles is very much evident and I always like to take inspiration from him.” DR. PRITESH RAIKER

“Dr dinesh made us understand the topic very well. The fact that so much time was spent answering our doubts gave us an opportunity to speak. It took me one step further to the understanding of witnessing process, so most of my doubts were cleared regarding inter current remedies etc. The organizing committee did an awesome job which made our stay comfortable.” DR DENISE RODRIGUES

“This is my forth ABJF seminar, this journey of one year with this method of case taking has improved my skill in case taking.” DR HARSHAD KADAM

Testimonials from June 2012 workshop: Session 1 of Magic of Basic (season IV) 

“Very much frank atmosphere during presentation, no hesitation to talk with Dinesh sir. Feel being in one family not f june 2012 abjf 20120615 1727891502 rom outside, gets mixed easily. Style presentation very good. Case taking: I learnt the basic which is  necessary for the beginnersà How to take a case? How to study Materia Medica? There was so much confusion previously but now I get clear and refined knowledge about it. All the arrangements were very nice. Caring nature of all the madams in the management team. They handled all of us very nicely.  What I liked the most was the unconditional  devotion towards homoeopathy; that has  inspired us very much***. THANKYOU VERY MUCH for arranging this most inspiring, devoting seminar for all of us. Thank you ABJF  team.” DR DHANASHRI VARDHAMANE


“This type of seminars which are basic should be done frequently so the basics become clearer and applicable in all the way.” DR ISHA THAKKAR


“Dr. dinesh Chauhan as a lecturer is the best. He is a good motivator for beginners like me who knows nothing a june 2012 abjf 20120615 1064288193 bout the sensation method. The way he teaches no one can forget that. Case witnessing has been the best ever on what I have heard about case taking, and its too important and basic for any homoeopath. Simplification of content of case taking.             Organization is very good, it’s proper and systematic.” DR DIPTI SAWANT


“Style to express basic understanding was amazing. Dinesh Sir is really expert to present most hard topics in easily comprehensible principle. Never seen this kind of arrangement even with paid seminars.” DR MANISHA KAPADIYA



“Very good., full of energy, knowledge, spontaneous laughter. Dinesh Sir your technique of differentiating remedies is great, very good. I loved it. Once again I got a new vision to read, learn materia medica. Liked the game “Trust the Process” DR AJIT VATKAR


“Dr. Dinesh Chauhan , a very good teacher. We studied the holistic approach to Homoeopathy and how we can treat the person as a whol june 2012 abjf 20120615 1932765125 e.” DR KSHITIJA KAMBLE


“I am attending this series for the second time, & I am very happy to be here. Repetition makes concept clearer than before… I feel the difficulty in my practice get  solved here effortlessly. This itself indicates mastery on subject by Dr Dinesh sir. Dr Urvi’s idea of playing  game is very nice & innovative – Thanks.” DR KIRTIRAJ VATKAR



“Sir has very good communication skills that made us listen to him keenly. His knowledge is  vast which he was able to give us. Presentations were very good.

The lecture content was very good. It helped us to clear some of our doubts that bothered us very much.  The organization committee has done very good job and they deserve a good appreciation.”  DR JYOTI JAISWAR


“I am attending seminars of Dinesh sir since past 2 years, and I found too much simplification in the process of sensation method, which was hard to me initially now has become too easy, because of dinesh sir.” DR SACHIN MUSMADE


“Style, expertise, & presentation all excellent. Venue, food, stay arrangements, travel directions, etc. all are fantastic.” DR VIRA june 2012 abjf 20120615 1298157717 L VYAS


“This kind of seminar is required now- a- days; you people are doing a great job with this kind of excellent management & this kind of holistic environment. JUST KEEP IT UP!” DR AMI VYAS


“It is really amazing. The way he makes the content of the topic simpler & explains the best; it solved many of my difficulties. The content was really worth & really made a sense.    The process was so smooth & such a nice & systemic arrangement. We didn’t find any difficulties “Hats off s….YOU ARE THE BEST. NO DOUBT ON THAT. I am really impressed by your work. I am so happy with the seminar that I would continue next time.” DR UZMA MIRZA


“Excellent, superb. Carry this same energy level in each and every seminar.

Presentation – a) very simple june 2012 abjf 20120615 1915443018

b) Very basic

c) Easily understandable

d) Enthusiastic

Lecture content– fundamental; and related to basic problem of practitioners. I personally found it very very useful. Personally, I have got best experience from the seminar which I cannot explain in my words.” -DR ABHISHEK PAGARE


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Testimonials from Feb 2012 workshop: Session 3 of Magic of Basic (season III) 

feb_2012_abjf_20120302_1088137160 "This was one of the best sessions in ABJF history. Truly inspiring!  CWP is really helping in all the cases I see now a day.".  Dr.Amit kalaria
"Cases chosen were very educating, thought provoking and complete. This lecture will help me throughout my life. I thank and appreciate. Organization was adorable. At such a cost such arrangements are unbelievable. I would be extremely grateful and congratulate the entire team – “great job”.  Dr. Mahesh bhure
"I have attended 3 ABJF seminars ‘til date and one in Pune, since last 6 months my way of case taking has deepen and my understanding of human being has enlarged after practicing the case witnessing process. Still this complete system not yet installed within me…. But the journey is going on…. Which is more amazing."  Dr. Harshad kadam
"The case witnessing process has changed my case taking procedure. More effective and patient centric."  Dr. Sachin musmade
"I am proud to be a part of this seminar. I got great knowledge from this session." Dr. Manoj pujar
"Very much informative. Good learning and many problems in our day to day case taking got cleared. Dr. Hiten safi
"The video cases presented were well understood and clear. The major technique I learnt is dissociation technique, which I feel is very important especially in non-cooperative patients or patients who aremore intellectual and rational type."  Dr. Swati raikar
"Dr. Chauhan is Magnetizing, down to the earth yet above from the all. A great teacher with his great experience of method; delivered best things. After each session of ABJF/Dr.Dinesh’s lecture, our understanding and consci ousness gets evolved. Organization was excellent as always. Thanks to all the organizers for their hospitality and help to make us feel comfortable and homely."  Dr. Suchir Shah
"The case of lachesis has taught me to apply all those knowledge or techniques we’ve gathered during our college years; like striking PQRS, Rubrics, Repertorisation merged beautifully with our sensation method, which has given me confidence as a practitioner in such cases where we’ve not yet reached to “The Pattern” or “The Remedy” and now I’ve that confidence in me that I can solve my cases through this method. Organization: As usual everything you all do and manage every arrangements really shows your love, care. And now in Shahpur, we feel like at home due to your flawless organized
arrangements."  Dr. Jhanvi patel
Testimonials from Nov 2011 workshop: Session II of Magic of Basic (season III)
“Really Superb. Very useful to us. Yoga session has given a new vision to me that a homoeopath should give a decontaminated reflection to the patient à its really a good one.” Dr. E.Semmelar
“Way of presentation and teaching style is very beautiful each undergraduate student also understands very well.” Dr. Abbas
“Thank you sir for coming down to our level of understanding. You never dishearten us.” Dr. B. Saptagiri
“Whenever sir gives lecture I feel homoeopathy and case taking  (witnessing) process is so easy. The way of presentation is so nice. Knowledge is added more and more with every seminar to us. Salute to Dr. Urvi and her team. All have taken great efforts. Many many thanks to all and ABJF.” Dr. Shiram Hirlekar
Testimonials from July 2011 workshop: Session 1 of Magic of Basic (season III)
“Your way of approach, the level mesmerised the whole class of the student/practitioner. Your presentation is unforgettable because of your slow and steadiness in your pronunciations and language. Excellent organisation of with your ABJF family. Good attitude, manners, responsibility…” Dr. Rajkumar R.
"Keep doing this kind of events, Homoeopathy in India Needs it." Dr. Shardul
"Dr. Dinesh is very simple yet very powerful enough to give “concept” of witnessing and understanding; Holistic approach of individual as well as homoeopathy. His work on “Case Taking” is really extraordinary and helpful in practice to any school of Homoeopathy."... Dr. Kirtiraj Ashok Vatkar
"Mam’s ‘Art’ was great, whole new world- AMAZING EXPERIENCE’ thank you! Will add and add everyday, everything, every drop to make ABJF ULTIMATE." Dr. Dnyanada Badade
"The concept of ABJF is really very best for budding Homoeopaths like us… so please we will together maintain this energy and will decrease the distance between Homoeopathy and patients one step ahead… Thankyou…" Dr. Prashant Sonwane
"Many difficulties I face during case taking got answered and now I can improve myself and my case taking by knowing  how to endeavour questions when patient tell something and more important I understood when should we ask, what should we ask and when we should keep silence.  I learnt the most basic of case taking i.e how to apply it according to different patient. …." Dr. Suvarna Kandekar
"Dr. Dinesh Chauhan as a lecturer simply outstanding and active. We were not aware about time. We didn’t get bored and did not realise how time passed. Really I am lucky to get the chance to listen him live."  Dr. Hemlata Shingala
"We specially thank to Urvi Mam to arrange that unique painting work. It makes our day more memorable. We are really thankful to you and ABJF, to arrange this grateful work." Dr. E. Semmalar (Tamilnadu)
"I learned many new things this time. The co-relation of Name, Fact with Physical Generals etc. was interesting. The activity was very interesting. I am looking forward to attend such lectures soon." Dr. Madhura Thipse
"I feel very lucky to see such a homoeopath with such a cool attitude & the most important thing to freely share the knowledge and experience with us i.e new comers.
I like the process of case witnessing rather than case taking because already we know how to take the case, but it helps us a lot to choose what is important in the case which we miss previously. So you made it so simple to understand. I specially want to thank all your committee members for being so nice and caring."  Dr. Varsha Navghare
"You are keeping attention of all participants fully with your presentation. Really I like it. Really we get experience of case witnessing process (3 steps). … we’ll follow sensation method. ABJF – Really good, doing good not only case processing also extra-curricular activities to get memory of development of our Homoeopathy in a holistic form…" Dr. V. Kaviyan
"This is my first seminar of life … I think I am very lucky to attend your seminar. ... I have learnt practical approach in case taking."  Dr. Shambhu Tanpure
Testimonials and Reviews from April 2011...
Read reviews:
Words are inadequate to explain Dr. Dinesh sir, he explains the case witnessing process (CWP) which he has given to the branch of homeopathy, the best. It is really helpful in doing a case ... At ABJF, I have learned the cwp in acute cases. I got the surety to deal with acute , and realized that we should always try to explore the acute cases till the core...I thank manas mandiram trust ,Dr. Dinesh Sir and his team for the he great organization. Thanks for live world cup.... Dr. H. Sawant (Apr 2011)
It has been a very guiding lecture for me. I understood the importance of materia medica as well as organon and repertory in acute along with the application of Internal witnessing process. It will help me evolve as a whole. ... Dr .S. Jain (Apr 2011)
The content of was quite new, surprising, exiting and worth an application in our practice...This will really help in saving time in dealing with acutes which is rather a need of an hour... and mainly it helps starts healing the acute ... Sir and mam really helps all the students by inspiring, encouraging and nourishing them ... Dr. G. Pandya (Apr 2011)
Now I can surly deal with acute case till the source level... Dr. V. Kadia (Apr 2011)
That was v. great experience for me to attend this lecture because the way of explanation was in very simple manner ...we didn't got confused...we could understand the basic concept about the acute diease ...and more so about the case taking technique for acute-the Internal Witnessing Process...the organisation was great, everything was handy... Dr. P. Bharkade (Apr 2011)
Lecture content was encouraging...what question challenge me since last few months about acutes are now clear in each and every way... Dr. A. (Apr 2011)
Dineshsir, you transform many Homocpaths by helping them find their path, which, in turn will transform many lives (when we'll treat patients)... Dr. D. Shah (Apr 2011)
The lecture was to the point, self explanatory to certain extent as well as covered all most all the dimensions available and experienced in day to day clinical practice of acute pathologies... the lecture was very good...sir made an excellent attempt to go through the newer topic and find the way for it make it such a scientific that it can be reproduced by any one and every one ...he explained the philosophy and perspective behind the "ACUTES" and its unique methodology.... Dr. C. Tamboli (Apr 2011)
Content was new and interesting, thought provoking , organisation as always it is good...thank you for showing the world cup finals it was a beautiful experience to enjoy the match with everyone... Dr.V. Dhotre (Apr 2011)
The new understanding of exploring acute cases through scientific internal witnessing technique was helpful, it was well explained, so making it a reproducible method, we will be able to apply this technique in our practice... The experience of watching match with the whole group was one of the memorable moments ... Dr. J. Patel (Apr 2011)
Loved the new topic-Internal Witnessing process. I have read that from your web site but its only now that I understood that process in refined way... you palpate the nerves of students... The Best organization at a very negligible cost... Dr. N. Chauhan (Apr 2011)
"No doubt when Dinesh Sir gives his seminar (his way of teaching is awesome) it must be definitely outstanding and  it was really awesome. Cases were too excellent. Though your leg was injured you came and gave and taught your wonderful experiences while case taking and many more.....mam next time. M’am the way you teach yoga I love it and...." Dr. Nisha Markad (Oct 2010)
"Great piece of work in selecting the topic for the seminar. The lecture content delivered by dr. dinesh chauhan is in so easy understandable way to beginners also and seniors were also not felt bored...ORGANIZATION:“execellent” in a short and unique word. I just want to thank all ABJF committee person to arrange such a fine arrangements. The best travel directions from where to go and how to go...." Dr. Suchir Shah (Oct 2010)
"LECTURER: Occasionally in life you feel some questions are unanswerable or answers aren’t necessary. But for sir this isn’t true, he has answers from simplest to complex doubts, just love him! SUGGESTIONS: ..as you attend lectures of dedicated people you understand the difference between belief and faith, between liking and desire, between love and passion and then the connection between verbal and non verbal develops. Thank you sir!" (June 2010)
" Just like you come to the level of experience of patient in a case, you come to the level of experience of students and take the students from that level which is the best thing about you. .. You are a born teacher. You are a living inspiration and thank you " (June 2010)
October 2007...
"I'm really so awed by the whole experience; the entire experience was so over whelming........the entire arrangement was flawless, at least I could have never asked or expected anything more..".
"Thank you for all the arrangements you all made for us and made us so comfortable... your sessions have really helped me. Coincidently and fortunately, I got the answers through the sessions which were really burning in my mind...."
"To begin with, a big thanks to you and ma'am for organizing such activity. Would be eagerly waiting for such activities in the future, with full participation... Your efforts of teaching us will surely not go waste. Thanking you once again for everything!"
"I am spelled bound looking at the amount of efforts that you guys have put in. And it's a wonderful feeling to be a part of it. It was a feast for me. ...This seminar has given me a global view. It has opened a different and a much much bigger door. It has pushed my goal many more miles away."
October 2008...
• "Since I started attending the series of seminar, my case taking has improved each time in leaps and bounds. I find myself grown a step further. Like I was able to do well in cases which speak whose level of experience is high, but the cases where the patient didn't speak, or was at fact level used to cause frustration in me. ..And I got my answer in this workshop, and it really motivated me, ..The process that you showed in the case of disc prolapsed was a great... Not only learning but I enjoy the warmth that I get from m'am and sir...."
• "Dr.Dinesh presented all the cases in a very detailed way. At all level of case-taking, he cleared our doubts without hesitation. Very clear and perfect way of explaining things. 'Insight to deep pathological cases'-learnt many things and are very thankful to guide us in such cases..."
• "With this seminar one thing is sure that this system is possible for me to use though at present I find it a little difficult to practice.... M'am's starting prayer was very essential and important for concentrating in lecture... thank you"
• What made the dish very interesting and delicious was the right proportion of all the ingredients. I got the recipe from a few influences....1 kg of case videos, ½ kg of case taking, 2 table spoonful of experiences, 1 tea spoon potency, 1 tea spoon of material medica, ½ spoon philosophy which was blended well. The garnishing was of course done by the speaker's great sense of humor!.....With lighting the "diyas" to attract the positive energies (as they term it) and the intention to spread the light of homeopathy, I must say that Dr. Chauhans have inspired a lot of students and homeopaths. Events like these are instrumental in helping the homeopathic world stay focused and get them one step closer to their goals each time! ....

August 2009...