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Moments of fun-filled learning, motivation, inspiration and warmth of togetherness ... ABJF workshop of session 2/Season 4 of Magic of Basic was indeed a completely a satisfying journey... a journey that promised to start 2013 with inspiration, motivation and promise to fall more and more in love with homeopathy and holistic healing for ALL...

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Now I can surly deal with acute case till the source level... Dr. V. Kadia (Apr 2011)

Dr. D. Shah: Dineshsir, you transform many Homoepaths by helping them find their path, which, in turn will transform many lives (when we'll treat patients)...

It was actually a transforming seminar & me on behalf of all participants say thanks for your such better activity. Read more from Dr. Parth Mankad

"ABJF has had a very certain and positive influence upon my case taking methods"



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Athato Brahma Jigyasa Foundation - (ABJF)


 Forth Coming Event: 




DATE:  8th Sept 2017 to 10th Sept  2017

(8th Sept Arrive by eveing, workshop will start post dinner (5 pm) from 7:00 pm to 10 pm;

9th Sept 2017 Saturday 9:00 am to 10: 00pm (with meal/relax breaks) and  & 10th Sept 2017 Sunday 9:00am to 3pm)

 VENUE: Aum Gurudev Ashram , Aategao, Shahpur 

OPEN FOR: All [fresh plus prior attendees of ABJF)

 REGISTRATION FEES: 400 INR per participant (inclusive of seminar fees+ all meals, breakfast, lunch, tea, dinner and accommodation) 

Payment details: Money can be send to us via cheque/DD/cash

You can write a cheque/DD in favour of SWASTHYA HOMOEOPATHIC Clinic

And send at: Swasthya Homoeopathic Healing,  B/1, New Putlibai Kapol Niwas,
S.V. Road, Vile Parle (west), Mumbai- 400056, Maharashtra. India. Phone: 26208881

Or Make a direct money transfer to:

Name of Bank:                  The State Bank Of India (SBI)

Location of Bank: Vile Parle [west]

Account number: 32400294907

Name of account: ABJF TRUST

Cancellation Policy: Full refund if cancelled 20 days prior to workshop. No refund if cancellation requested there after (so that an outstation participant has enough time to register and book his tickets) ; you can either direct your friend/colleague to attend instead  of you or the registration money goes to ABJF fund.


KINDLY NOTE: Only paid in advance participants will be allocated rooms on arrival and meal coupons on Day 1; the participants paying on the registration counter on Day 1 will be allocated rooms subject to the avilability. This action was mandatory to prevent the monitory loss bared by ABJF for the last moment cancellations by unpaid registered participants.

For any further assisstance kindly contact us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

or contact us on +91 09833961386 / 26208881


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Case-Witnessing Process is a simple, ingenious, incredible flexible, powerful as well as subtle method of homoeopathic case interview invented by Dr. Dinesh. With this tool the patient  himself leads you to his center and reveal the remedy needed. Moreover, by connecting to his center the awareness created  starts a healing process even before the homeopathic remedy is given....(as reviewed by Kaare troelsen)

Know About ABJF:


Athato Brahma Jigyasa foundation (ABJF) is a Not-For profit trust started by Drs. Urvi and Dinesh Chauhan ; run since 2007. The ABJF trust educates Indian doctors in homoeopathy on complimentary (free of charge) basis. ABJF organizes FREE WORKSHOPS  for the Indian Homoeopaths that  are held twice/ quarterly per year, for 2-2 and half days and is completely funded by the ABJF trust - During these sessions of 2-3 days the trust provides free stay and food along with free seminar and extra-curricular healing activities for all the participants. In return the students vouch to treat and cure patients through practicing holistic homoeopathy.


ABJF MISSION                                                                    



If you are thinking HOW???
Let us report to you Now…


Our motive to conduct such events is to reach out to many budding homoeopaths, who are though sincere enough to carry the torch of homoeopathic science ahead, fail to do the same out of financial constrains they face to further study the practical approach of homoeopathy; Conducting such free workshop series (where their lodging, boarding as well as lectures gets sponsored by our organization) is a step to surmount the material hurdles for the deserving lots.

We aim to create a system of successful and scientifically correct homoeopaths; these homoeopaths with sound understanding of homoeopathy with its practical utility then can serve good homoeopathy to the humanity in their respective locality out of our reach thus keeping alive the flame of Homoeopathy and spread SWASTHYA.


Plan of Action

In these workshops, these homoeopaths are trained through

Our Video cases of successfully cured various pathologies.

Interactive discussions with experienced homoeopaths.

Query solving sessions that they face in their day to day practice.

Thus it helps to nurture and prepare them with the best possible practical application of homoeopathic science. The students who attend these workshop are then in regular contact with us even after the seminars, wherein they sort their difficulties. We meet in our clinic premise for such regular sessions in groups.


Future Plans

Donation: to draw in more donations to benefit more and more students.

ABJF charity Clinic: That is already functional now - our plan is to get more funds to expand it further. 
And much more to follow…


If you going-OOOOF
Let us show you some PROOF



A Glimpse of Conducted Workshops






Finally, A Must - Your Support

Any task, however big it seems, can reach its horizon if it is supported by the Mass at large. Hasn’t the history been a witness to the Power of People?  

You can extend your support in the form of-

Finance: this shall be used towards accommodation, meals, traveling, organizing, etc for such free workshops.

Guiding torch: you can guide a deserving buddy of your contact (your student, relative, colleague, etc) towards these workshops; that will also be of immense help to reach out to the maximum thus continuing to promote the luminescence of homoeopathy.

                                         kindly contact us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it gmail.com

                                        or contact us on +91 99202 43727, 022-26208881

We are in process of reaching out to more and more such Homoeopathic doctors eligible to enrol for this workshop - do pass this information on to needy ones and/or let us know their details and we'll contact them.

                   ABJF- From  Vision to Action by Drs. Urvi and Dinesh Chauhan

Words are less,
but the experience and expression are rich and rare
holding hand-in hand, lets promise to contribute 
to the tree of Homoeopathy- to expand and flare

 Dr. Urvi Chauhan